Clay Aiken -While We Wait! New Picture Added!!

This will be a fluid post as I will add things as I find them. Please check in during the day for updates!

Clay…I hope you have a fun time tonight.

No doubt your performance will be wonderful, but I hope you have as much fun as your fans!


Thanks, Michael Orland!!!

Michael Orland posted this picture on twitter last night.

Did you see this picture made by a fan?

Thank you, Virginia Flores!  Love it!!!

New article today

From Gossip and Grab

Who Performs Tonight On American Idol 2013 Top 5 results?

…Taking the stage tonight on American Idol 2013 are Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino and Season 2 runner-up Clay AikenClay gained a lot of Claymates during his season and they continue to stick by him strong, even all these years later. I think we may even see a boost in the ratings for American Idol Season 12 tonight because of it.

Fantasia will perform her new single “Lose to Win” and no word yet on what Clay will perform, but does it really even matter Claymates???

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken -While We Wait! New Picture Added!!

  1. I loved the mention at the end of last night's show. I dvr'd both nights but forwarded through all the singing until the end and then accidentally heard the host say Clay's name! LOL I know, I'm bad but that's just how I am. I want my first time watching AI to be for Clay. 🙂

  2. I just left a comment on the last article. I am so excited!! It does not matter what he sings to me-that fabulous voice will come shining through-the best!

  3. Love the pic of Michael and Clay today, and the one from 2003. They both look wonderful.
    Gonna love seeing Clay again…… HEE HAW!

  4. Way to go, Clay! You looked fantastic, sounded fantastic, and presented yourself in a very genuine, but also, the most professional way I have ever seen you. Smooth! WOW!

  5. He looks as good now as he did 10 years ago!!!!!!!!!! Just blew me away singing BOTW AGAIN!!!! Where does that voice come from?!!! GOL-LY!!! My mom and I noticed that it looked like he lost weight again, but now looks more healthy than he did the last time he was on. Perhaps they've adjusted his meds or his system has gotten used to whatever meds he's taking. I know meds can do quite a number on a person's system, as I've had to deal with weight issues, cold limbs, not being hungry, and lots more since I started this whole process two & a half years ago. Just an update on my status: I am now OUT of Therapy for good!!!!! YEE HAW!!!! BTW, Thanks for posting those pics so quickly!

    Your Friend,


  6. wow clay you looked amazing sounded amazing and you have presented your self genuine like an americian idol runner up should and verry profeshional way that i as a fan of your had ever seen

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