Clay Aiken – This Is The Night

Just a quick note!

CANN is headquartered in California.  So…I envy you all that have seen the performance.

I will post after Clay performs on the west coast.  Thanks for your patience!!


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  1. Thanks for sharing, the pic Musicfan123!!! And thanks for informing us where CANN is headquarted. I always thought you might've been on the East Coast, or middle of the country (Ahem, like O-H-I-O, as that is where I live.) 😀

  2. I did watch it and was glad they gave information about his last 10 years of giving back and his great work that he has done, and still has the fantastic voice he always had.

  3. Omgosh, musicfan, did you go in person and hear that great performance live??? Did you get to hear him rehearse? Who took this gorgeous pic? Thank you for sharing it. He looked so beautiful tonight, but so made up and almost not like himself — I'd've loved it if he'd performed looking just like this rehearsal pic, LOL. That's every inch Our Man Clay, from the brilliant hair to the broad shrugging shoulders to the fingers spread on mic to the scruffy jeans — looking skinny again, too, haha. So, BOTW was a surprise! The lead-in music was from This is the Night, hello… I love that song, too, thought that was gonna be it. Gosh. I need to find a vid and replay it to absorb it all…

    midgemc, I so agree with you, it was great that they gave all that coverage to his NIP and work with UNICEF (wonderful pix in the slide show!), and that he got to sing as well — looking so beautifully handsome! As you say, same fantastic voice, while the ugly duckling's morphed into a swan, LOL.

    • I wish I had been there….I was right here looking for any pictures and news that I could find.

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