Clay Aiken – “That Unmistakable Voice”

Thursday night, there was a real singer on the American Idol stage.

 Congratulations to Clay Aiken on a job well done!

As a returning guest on American Idol, Clay presented himself as a gentleman who is intelligent, talented, handsome, and caring.  Before he entered the studio, he talked about his life since Idol.  He talked about The National Inclusion Project and about his work with UNICEF.  He said that Idol gave him the microphone to sing and he made sure he used it to talk about things that are important to him and to the world.

Clay performed a beautiful rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water and knocked it out of the park. He was dressed in a very stylish outfit and his hair was done with care.  This was an outstanding appearance!

Did you see the wonderful tweets that filled the pages last night?  Clay was mentioned so many times that he actually trended on twitter last night.  The following are just a few examples of the pages and pages of tweets.

Ciarra Butler @CiarraKalistra

I forgot how much I loved Clay Aiken.

Brianna Acciarello @BAcciarello

Clay Aiken looks great sounds as good as ever and has such a kind heart to help those children very inspirational story!#Claycomeshome

Laura Lineberger @Goofyunc

Clay Aiken singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” still gives me chills. Beautiful. #Idol

Krystin Glass @KrystinGlass

I didn’t know Clay Aiken did so much for children with special needs. What an ambitious, companionate, and overall adorable man.

Angel Lalo Mandudi @AngelLalo22

Not a fan of Clay Aiken, but dang he killed it today on @AmericanIdol ! #ClayComesHome

Kristen Wann @KristenWann

Someone just turned into an uber fan girl when Clay Aiken performed on @AmericanIdol. Oh wait, that was me.

I also loved seeing the support Clay received from some of his celebrity friends.

  • Merle Dandridge, the Lady of The Lake from Spamalot was in the studio to support Clay
  • Debbie Gibson sent Clay a few tweets including a congratulations for a wonderful performance
  • Clay’s friend Arsenio Hall tweeted congrats to Clay
  • UNICEF tweeted best wishes to Clay
  • NC Theatre reminded their readers that Clay would be performing Thursday
  • Peisha McPhee tweeted that Clay was fabulous
  • Debra Byrd tweeted  “Loved you on Idol. Made my heart smile “pigs flyin” everywhere! Was honored to sing on your “Bridge Over..on AI2.  Luv 2 u

The reviews from the entertainment sites are just beginning to come in…if more come in, I will add them to the blog.

Clay Aiken, one of the most beloved alums in ‘American Idol‘ history, came home tonight (April 18). The singer, who didn’t win Season 2, losing by a tiny (124,000 votes, actually) margin to Ruben Studdard, returned to the show’s stage to perform his rendition of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water.’ He performed it when he competed and it still has that Clay touch.

Flanked by backup singers and piano players, Aiken cut a dashing figure in a dress slacks, tie and cardigan, but it was that unmistakable voice reminded us why we’re still interested in him a decade after his big loss. When he hit that impressive vocal run at the end of the song, he earned a standing O from the judges, rightfully so.

Aiken’s early performance of the song has become iconic in ‘Idol’ lore, and he did himself and the show proud tonight.  To read the article on-line visit popcrush

A big thank you to all the fans for sharing the screen caps from the show tonight.  There are some wonderful pictures!


The is a great video interview at Access Hollywood.  Check it out!!


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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “That Unmistakable Voice”

  1. I don't think I have come down from my "high" last night! I was soooo excited. My granddaughter was a little skeered with my enthusium! LOL! She was glad I was "back" when his appearance was over. She knows how much I love him, but now I know she REALLY knows I love him! Great job Clay! You made us all so proud! Dang I love that guy!

  2. I loved everything about last night. Perfection!!!!! I absolutely adore this man. From his voice, his charitable nature. Just everything. I'm still excited and it's been almost 12 hours since we saw him on tv last night. #ProudClayFan

  3. Yes, I too was on a 'high' last night, I was so excited that I couldn't get to sleep for a long time, Clay did such a wonderful job of talking about his causes and singing that song so beautifully, I'm so proud of him for the man he is, he's never changed, and I love him dearly! God bless you Clay! Thanks Musicfan for all your wonderful posts, great to be able to watch the video again and again. xox.

  4. Clay was so fantastic. There are no words to say how proud I am of him. That’s why we love that sweet, talented and handsome man! 😉

  5. I'm all snoopy today. I am beyond proud of Clay and beyond words to express my feelings. Praying that this will be a jumping off point and he will be offered the world. He so deserves world recognition. 🙂

  6. omg clay was so amazing lastnight there are no other words to describe how proud of i am of , him thats why ilove that sweet amazing talented and handsome man

  7. I was so proud to be a Clay fan last night. I am so glad that he was able to talk about the things he cares so deeply about-children and his experiences with the NIP and UNICEF. His singing was so awesome,loved that he did that song. How fitting it was in what has been happening in this country.
    Clay is simply the best!

  8. Perfection! Perfection! Perfection! The best singer on stage last night and looking out of this world fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  9. Absolutely wonderful! I wanted him to sing BBML but Bridge is Clay and his amazing humanitarian work. Clay looked and sounded gorgeous! Amazing. Thank you Music fan for always being there for Clay and for us. You are the premier Clay reporter. xoxox

  10. Love this article and all your articles Musicfan. For some reason the pictures are not coming in for me from your ClayNewsNetwork blog/website. Hopefully it's just me and will correct itself.
    Thank you for all the goodies.

    • Ann…I had some troubles with Photobucket today and had trouble uploading. I hope it is a temporary problem. If it continues for you, let me know and I will see if I can figure out why!!

      Thank you for supporting CANN!!

      • Thank you. The pictures are coming in again for me now. Got to see the wonderful pictures you post. 🙂

  11. Clay was so wonderful last night! How many other "stars" showcase their passions instead of dwelling on their popularity? Clay is the total package! He has made a difference in the lives of children around the world and he will in the future! I want another concert!!! In Iowa!

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