Clay Aiken – No Dogs Allowed!


On Sunday, May 19, 2013, The Annual Billboard Awards were held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  That reminded me that  Clay Aiken appeared on the 2003 Billboard Awards Show. For an artist who was new the professional music scene, Clay played a prominent role in the evening gala. Ryan Seacrest was the host of the evening and he had Clay help with the opening of the show.

The Billboard Music Awards were first presented in 1989.  For many years they were held annually and always in December. In 2007,  the awards were cancelled and did not return until May 22, 2011.  Much like the American Music Awards, the winners are chosen on popularity. The awards are given out based on the Billboard year-end music charts. Some of the categories are top selling album, top selling artist and top selling single.

Clay was introduced and then performed Invisible to an enthusiastic audience. After the performance, Clay was presented with the award for the best selling single of the year.

Clay was accompanied to the BMA Award show by his mother, Faye. They both looked wonderful as they walked down the Red Carpet in Las Vegas and Clay was stopped many times by the press.

It was wonderful to see Clay win the Billboard Award and his performance was amazing. However, there were some very negative and vulgar jokes by Dave Grohl and Triumph the Wonder Dog that night. They really were “Crass” as they joked about Clay.

The following video shows Clay’s introduction, his performance of Invisible and his acceptance speech…no Dogs allowed!!




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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – No Dogs Allowed!

  1. Have to wonder if Seacrest ew about the crass jokes b4 hand and had Clay set up.
    It is one thingto be bullied alone, but to be centred out with your mama in the room. Not called for.

  2. How anyone can say anything deemed as not very nice about Clay is beyond me hes so lovely ..but in front of his mom who loves him to bits cruel disrespectful..and down right rude ….I do hope Clay ignored the comments hes so much bigger than that…and the far better person of the two……xx

  3. Clay has survived for 10 years in the music business. Whatever happened to David Grohl and his wonder dog? I recall Kathy Griffin trying to avoid Clay several years ago, because she did so many jokes about him. When they ended up in the same venue, Clay was a real gentleman to her, and she was shocked by how nice he can be to someone who used him as the butt of many jokes. Clay is in a class by himself and he has the fans to prove it.

  4. I do remember watching that show and I was appalled by how disrespectful it was. Clay brought some class to the show but I am sure he was uncomfortable also. I just don't care to watch those kind of award shows. They are not entertaining at all.

  5. Part of me is very glad Clay isn't getting nominations for music awards so I don't have to watch dreadful awards shows like this one anymore.

  6. I have never watched another Billboard Award show after that – it was extremely uncomfortable for me
    at home – I can only imagine what Clay and his Mom felt being there. It should have been a wonderful
    night for them – – so sad!

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