Clay Aiken – A Fun Interview!


On May 16,2008,Clay Aiken visited with Jimmy Kimmel as part of the promotion for his CD, On My Way Here.  There are a few things I remember about the show.

1.  Jimmy gave Clay the gift of clay…a bust of Clay made from clay!!!

2.  Clay and Jimmy talked about Chinatown in New York City and some of the home remedies that you can find there.

3.  Clay shared storied about some of the backstage pranks and rituals at Spamalot.

4.  Clay sang both Ashes and On My Way Here.  Unfortunately, Ashes did not make the TV broadcast.

Do you remember this performance?

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Fun Interview!

  1. I do remember this. As always have the tape and often watch it! Clay never does a bad show or
    interview – – how does he do that??!!! 🙂

  2. I LOVED him as a blond! Took a little while to get use to it, but he's handsome no matter what color or style his hair is. Unlike some fans, lol!!

  3. i dint like clay as a blond i sure do remember this clay has never done a bad show or interviw or song but i tell ya hes handsome

  4. Yes, I remember watching this episode. I think it was the last time Clay was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. As, I remember it, Ryan Seacrest was on before him…and took up a lot of time. Didn't much care for the Bust of Clay though. I think he auctioned that off on one of his Galas. I love Clay with the blond hair. He was just gorgeous. I like that first picture of Clay with the big smile. Thank lots for those.

  5. I remember Clay discussing the herb mixture he could get in Chinatown to relieve his throat while performing in Spamalot. He felt so tall while walking around there. I did love his blond hair…esp. the photo on "On My Way Here Side Note."

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