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Congratulations to Candice Glover!  She is the winner of Season 12 of American Idol.   Candice is from South Carolina and she has auditioned for the show three times…I guess “third times a charm” worked well for her.

Candice is the show’s first female winner in six season and beat out Kree Harrison.

To be completely honest, I haven’t watched American Idol for many years, but I am happy for Candice and wish her all the luck in the world!

Today, I read an article on the Entertainment Weekly  website.  Written by Annie Barrett and Sandra Gonzalez, it is titled:

American Idol: Ranking All 12 Finale Matchups

I have never read another article that didn’t have Season 2 at the top so I was surprised when they chose Season 8 with Kris Allen and Adam Lambert at the top of the list. I am sure it was a great show, but besides enjoying Clay and Ruben, there are a few things that make me question their rating.

First, both Kris and Adam released the same coronation song.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a big hit for either singer.  Season 8 was also the first season of AI in which the winner has failed to reach gold album status.  And, no one from Season 8 has achieved platinum status for an album in the United States.

Lastly, look at the numbers.  The Season 2 viewership for the finale was 38.06 million and the highest in any year.  Season 8 tied with Season 3 for 7th place overall.  Their viewership was only 28.84 million, almost 10 million less than Season 2.

Ruben won Season 2 by only 134,000 votes.  However, there was little personal competition between Clay and Ruben.  It was obvious to the audience that the two were friends and even when the press tried to make it a battle, they just wouldn’t play the game.

So…I vote for Season 2.  How about you?

The following is a chart that shows the audience numbers for the finale night of each season.  I will post season 12 when the numbers are available.

Season 2   Finale: May 21, 2003 38.06
Season 5   Finale: May 24, 2006 36.38
Season 7   Finale: May 21, 2008 31.66
Season 6   Finale: May 23, 2007 30.76
Season 4   Finale: May 25, 2005 30.27
Season 10 Finale: May 23, 2007 29.29
Season 3   Finale: May 26, 2004 28.84
Season 8   Finale: May 20, 2009 28.84
Season 9   Finale: May 26, 2010 24.22
Season 1   Finale: Sept  4, 2002 23.02
Season 11 Finale: May 23, 2012 21.49

The following videos are from the Finale of Season 2.  I haven’t seen these performances for a long time.  A big thank you to Wowzers4Clay.

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Season 2 – Still The Best!

  1. Ooooooh! These videos bring back such memories!!!! I watch American Idol each year with some good friends. It's all for entertainment. I rarely care who wins. We eat, drink wine and have fun. I thought the top 5 girls were fantastic. I didn't totally agree with America choosing the top two, but good for the winner Candice and hope she has success! Angie and Amber should have success as well! Cos it really doesn't matter who wins, right? LOL!

  2. Wow!!! I still get goosebumps listening to Clay sing, he's still number one to me! love these videos!

  3. Love those videos of Clay, he's my number one singer! I fell in love with his voice when I heard him sing Bridge over Troubled Water and have been hooked ever since!

  4. I loved watching the videos. In my mind, there is no question that season 2 was the best and most exciting season AI has had. It is especially nice that Clay and Ruben are still friends today. I only watched AI once this year and that was the week Clay returned.I just voted and I hope everyone who can does. Thanks!

  5. You have got to be kidding me???? I NEVER Heard Clay Sing "Hello", and that was another Rememberable Song for Me for Special Reasons!!!
    Ok, where am I when all of this is happening???
    I knew nothing about the Poll until right now, I can't help if it's not posted on The OFC Web Site, or send me an email, or Something!!! I don't like Missing Votes That Clay Deserves!!! Oh, and I am definitely one that can get the word out!!! 🙂
    The Season that Adam Lambert was on, I liked to watch him perform. (Listen To Every Word Now)

    Season 2, Clay Aiken was the reason I started watching AI and I didn't watch Season 1. Clay Is All Talent, Golden Voice, Southern Gentleman, Who He Is, What He Is, And All That Clay Is, I Love Him!!! (I'm from the South) 🙂
    I Am Voting Now & Posting On The OFC Web Site, so that The Fans Can Vote For Clay Too!!!! 🙂
    Always And Forever

  6. THANK YOU !!!!! The 69 Videos, several I had not Seen, Thank You For Sharing!!!!! 🙂

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