Clay Aiken – Where Was He?


It was a Wednesday and Clay was exhausted. Where was he? What was he doing? When did he get to sleep?

Oh, yes! It was May 28, 2003 and Clay Aiken was in New York. He was a special guest on Good Morning America. He was going to be interviewed and sing. Sleep is over-rated!

This fun show introduced Clay to Diane Sawyer who admitted that she was an “obsessed” fan.

Charlie Gibson was Diane’s co-anchor on the show and he and Diane had a good time talking about Clay throughout the show. Finally, Diane interviewed Clay. She stated that she was surprised at how tall Clay was. They also talked about how Clay’s life had changed in such a short time. Diane also asked Clay about the foundation that he wanted to set up. It was a thorough interview and Clay seemed more relaxed than at previous shows.

Clips of Clay singing “I Can’t Help Myself”, “On The Wings of Love”, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” on American Idol were shown. The highlight of the show was a live performance of Clay singing “This Is The Night”.

Clay was a bit of a hero that morning or perhaps he just swept Diane off her feet. Clay caught Diane as she lost her footing and almost fell.

Good Morning America was over, but there was still no sleep for Clay. After a quick change of clothes, Clay headed to another studio for his first interview and performance on Live With Regis and Kelly. Jeff Gordon was the guest host. Clay chatted about singing and American Idol. He also admitted his desire to do a movie with Ruben. Clay then performed his first single, “This Is The Night” and thrilled the audience.

Do you think that now the elusive sleep was finally allowed to catch up with Clay.

The following is a video of Clay singing on Good Morning America.


Now that the Holiday Week-end is over, we might get some more news/buzz/rumors.

I will post anything today if it has any new information.

Please check back!!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Where Was He?

  1. This is one show I missed – I really appreciate you putting this on today – it must have been one
    before I realized how many interviews he had been doing. It is always great to see anything of Clay's
    history – but it will be good to get some new news also – I am so looking forward to that!

  2. What a fun time for Clay. I wasn't a fan till later so I love catching up on all the early buzz.

    Hope we do have some exciting news soon.

  3. I never knew Clay did so many interviews, I would have watched if I had known, was all of Clay's interviews in the news??
    At Clay's age in 2003, I am guessing he was running on adrenaline, if not I would think he would be Exhausted!!!!!
    Take A Rest Clay!!!! 🙂
    Love You,
    Always And Forever,

  4. I knew Clay was tall but I have never had the pleasure of standing next to him!! 🙂 Someday maybe!!?? 🙂 I am short so I know he will be looking down on me!! 🙂
    Love You Clay,
    Always And Forever,

  5. its aways wonderfull and amazing to see all those intervews that he had been doing its aways amazing to see anything of clay weather its intervews or singing it wold be great to get some new news also

  6. Thanks for posting this (old) news and the video. I was still working back when Clay was being interviewed on all those morning shows (am now retired). I missed a lot of them but it is fun to see them now.

  7. I think it's cool that Diane Sawyer is one of us. I sure miss those early days and all the press appearances.

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