Clay Aiken – Where, When, and Why?


After a long holiday week-end, Tuesday was a typical day for most fans of Clay Aiken.  For many, it was back to work or school and for most, a thirst for more news about Clay and his career choices.

There were many new articles about Clay being on the short list for the judges panel of American Idol.  Most were just quoting what the articles said last week.  However, there were a few that were fun to read.

From Glambert To Kelly, 5 Former ‘Idol” Contestants We’d Like to See As Judges

…I wouldn’t have been sure about this until I saw Clay Aiken’s role as a judge on an a cappella singing competition on the penultimate episode of The Office this year. Aiken would have the right blend of humor and perspective to the show, plus given his standing as a fan favorite despite having been on the show over a decade ago, he could become one of the show’s more celebrated judges. I could see him being a Keith Urban type, one who always dispenses great technical advice but is also up there clearly enjoying each performance as well. You know, having a lot of fun doing one’s job…

You can read the entire article at RADIOCOM

The Washington Times Communities

New American Idol judges: Jennifer Hudson, Aiken, Lambert, Clarkson?

By Gayle Falkenthal

SAN DIEGO – May 28, 2013 – “American Idol’s” producers listened. If they follow through, it’s welcome news for Idol fans everywhere.

After season that was a ratings and critical disappointment, all of the judges on “American Idol” will be replaced for Season 13, which starts in January 2014, reportedly with a superstar judges panel of Idol alumni. It the perfect casting stunt to refresh the troubled show…

…Clay Aiken is reportedly one of the top 10 earners of Idol, earning an estimated $1.5 million in 2012. He proved that he has a loyal fanbase when he competed on the fall 2012 edition of “Celebrity Apprentice,” narrowly losing to Arsenio Hall. Aiken won new fans with his surprisingly outspoken, snarky personality and competitive spirit. You can’t win “American Idol” and not have a tough hide. His loyal “Claymates” would rally behind Idol with their favorite on the panel and they have the ability to make social media explode with talk about Aiken, something the producers and the network crave.

Communities suggested Aiken join the judges’ panel last year but the producers didn’t take our advice. Oh well, better late than never…

…Bringing in popular Idol contestants who all have their own fan following and who know what it’s like to compete on the show adds an element no other reality singing competition TV show can boast. It reminds viewers just how successful the Idol franchise has been at discovering talent…

This fun article includes two great pictures of Clay.  You can read it at Communities

Facebook is always a fun place to find random bits of news.  On Tuesday, the following picture and message was posted on FaceBook:

Sound Pure – Pro Audio, Guitar Boutique, and Durham Recording Studio shared Jason Richmond’s photo.
Clay Aiken (American Idol Star), and Ironing Board Sam (Blues Legend) meet in the Sound Pure Studios lobby during their simultaneous recording sessions here at Sound Pure!

In a studio today!…0316&type=1

Jason Richmond

Interesting day in the studio with Ironing Board Sam and Clay Aiken. — with Clay Aiken, Ironing Board Sam and Thomas Bradsher Womack.
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Sound Pure – Pro Audio, Guitar Boutique, and Durham Recording Studio shared Jason Richmond’s photo.
Clay Aiken (American Idol Star), and Ironing Board Sam (Blues Legend) meet in the Sound Pure Studios lobby during their simultaneous recording sessions here at Sound Pure!


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Remember, this is not what you want him to be doing, but what you think he was doing!!  The more votes, the more fun it is, so speak up!!

 I will report on news when it is available.  Please check in during the day for up-to-date information.

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Where, When, and Why?

  1. Clay, Clay, Clay, it's hard to say what Clay was doing!!!! 🙂 But, my bet would be something connected with the Gala!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the tidbits Musicfan. Been without a computer for 3 weeks, so am way behind in all my readings.

    I really have no idea what Clay might have been doing in the studio??? Hmmmm, it sure is something to ponder. Even though Clay may be missing, I always believe he is working on something. Oh…to hear that beautiful voice again!!!!!!! I love everything that Clay does, so I'll be happy with whatever makes him happy. I'm that easy!!! lol

    • Judy…I wondered where you were hiding. You have been missed!! I hope your computer problems are over!!

  3. There has certainly been lots of articles about Clay possibly becoming a judge on AI. Thanks for posting the ones today.
    For why he was in a recording studio, I would think it would be something to do with the Gala.#2

  4. Something special for the Gala – is my guess. I love the pic of Clay with IBSam. They both look very
    happy to be there and Clay looks healthy, rested, and very cute! I am still wondering about all of the
    AI reports – very intriguing!!

  5. I love that picture of Clay and Sam. I am so curious to know what he was doing. Of course my dream would be a new cd but it probably is about the Gala or something for NIP.

    I know AI will wait until the last minute to make the judges announcement. I can't wait to see what happens

  6. My GUESS will be #2 – a voice over for the Gala. They are all great choices to choose from though. Sure WISH it would be #5 – new album music!

  7. It is fun to wonder what is next for Clay. He is such a all-around talent…I am sure it will be something exciting. Can I vote for all the things? I think he could do any of the things you mentioned.

  8. Well, I voted for #5 working on a new album…cause thats what I hope he is doing. Must hear that voice again. I think he looked adorable in that picture with IB Sam too. It is always exciting to get to see new pictures.

  9. I sure wish Clay was working on a new CD. Unfortunately, I think that's one of the least likely reasons he was in a recording studio.

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