Clay Aiken – Smile for The Camera!


I love picture day at CANN.  It is always fun to share some of the pictures I have in my photobucket account.  Wednesday was particularly exciting because Diane Bubel shared an amazing picture with her friends and fans on Facebook…What a beautiful picture of Diane’s daughter, Emma at her wedding.

Thank you, Diane, for sharing this special occasion with us!!

Do you remember Emma from 10 years ago?

Diane and Emma Bubel – Oprah – 6/10/03

Clay Aiken has had many pictures taken during the first half of 2013.  The following are a few that I really like.

T Cooper Book Reading January 19th – Asheville

Carolina Hurricanes Game January 24

American Idol 12 – April 25

The Drowsy Chaperone – May 7 – 12

The Office – May 10

I am looking forward to posting more pictures in 2013!!



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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Smile for The Camera!

  1. Breath – taking beautiful pictures – thanks to Diane B for posting them and Emma was a most
    gorgeous bride – looks just like her Mom – and well – what can I say about "That Guy" – stunning
    also – as "Always and Forever" – won't ever change in my eyes!! <3
    Thanks Musicfan – you always have the best of the best pics!! 🙂

    I so remember that "surprise" day for Clay on Oprah in '03 – Diane and Emma!!!

  2. Thanks for the pictures Musicfan. Love looking at these. That is a very nice pic of Clay and Emma. Clay seems to keep his friends for a long time. It's one of his values that I admire about him. He holds family and friends, very close to his heart!!!

    • I also have to agree with you, clayitagain!!!! It's hard to believe that Miss Emma is now a married woman!!!! Where in the WORLD has the time gone?!!!! Hey, Musicfan123! Just a suggestion for a future posting… you might want to show Cluben's first appearance on Oprah! I remember Clay being amazed & saying to Ruben, "We're on Oprah!" And that's when they were making a HUGE deal abt. Clay being on the COVER of RS. Amazing how fast time has gone by & we've all gotten older!!!! Boo for getting older but yay for Clay STILL having a VERY successful career. Even more than Ruben & Justin Guarini. =)

      See You All Later,


  3. Emma has become a beautiful young woman. Never thought I'd see Clay in a bowtie, but he looks great. Thanks for the photo memories, musicfan.

  4. Clay and Emma have both grown up nicely. Emma looks very beautiful wearing her wonderful smile and gorgeous wedding gown. Clay is handsome as ever in his smart tux jacket and that sassy, savvy bow tie. Love his proud facial expression and the loving hug he has wrapped around Emma. It's all picture perfect! The 2013 pictures are great and I just had to smile for that CLACK camera.

  5. wow what fantastic pictures clay and emma have sure grown up verry niceley clay looks verry handsome i never thought id see clay with a bowtie ilove his proud facial expreshion and that loving hug he has rapped around emma thanks music fan

  6. I was so glad to see the picture of Clay and Emma at her wedding. She is a beautiful woman now. I loved the expressions on both their faces in that picture. True friends-both so happy. I loved all the pictures of Clay from this year.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for posting them. I love to see pictures of Clay and all the neat things he has been doing this year. What a doll. Come on Clay, give us another Juke Box concert, or whatever you what to do. I'll be there.

  8. What happened to my post? I am one of Clays biggest fans, I go to many of his concerts, buy all his albums, watch him on utube all the time and I am a member of his official fan club.

    • You posted a comment today under today's blog about the 2 videos of This Is The Moment. Is that what you mean, because it is there. It is titled What Do YouThink?

  9. That is such a beautiful picture of Clay and Emma. She looks gorgeous…and Clay is exceptionally handsome…and he has such pride written all over his face. Clay holds that family near and dear to his heart. I loved all the pictures you posted…but, that wedding picture sure is something special. Thank you so much!

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