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For almost a month, the rumors about American Idol have been plastered all over the entertainment sites on the Internet.  On Tuesday, there was yet another article talking about the possible American Idol judges for next season.

Liz Raftery at TV wrote the following article:

12 American Idol Alums Who Would Make Good Judges

As part of American Idol’s complete overhaul for its upcoming 13th season, the show is considering hiring former alums to join the judges’ panel.  With Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Randy Jackson definitely not returning, and Keith Urban’s fate still up in the air, it’s safe to say that there are at least two open positions at the table.  Jennifer Hudson is reportedly in talks to join while original champ Kelly Clarkson has said that she is not interested.  Here’s a list of 12 alums we think would be great additions to the floundering show (in alphabetical order):

Clay Aiken:  Aiken’s name has already been bandied about as a potential judge, perhaps prompted by his guest appearance in the Office series finale as a judge of a singing competition show for which Andy (Ed Helms) auditions. The Season 2 runner-up, who also finished second on Celebrity Apprentice, is one of the more successful Idol alums, having released a slew of albums and even dabbled in Broadway. Plus, his rabid fan base of “Claymates” would almost guarantee a ratings boost for the show….

Dabbled in Broadway?? Come on Liz, He did a bit more than dabbled!!  You can read the entire list at TVGUIDE

I do hope the decisions will be made soon.  It is always good to read articles that mention Clay, but its time to stop the rumors and start making decisions!

Social Media…you just never know what will show up on Twitter and Facebook.  Did you see the following on Tuesday?


Then, from Facebook:

Kaitlyn (last name removed)
I saw many masterpieces today while touring Rome but the highlight was seeing Clay Aiken on the side of the road in capri pants 😀

Again, from Facebook:


Sandra Luna (last name removed)

Fabulous day at Vatican City, bus and Metro the the Trevi fountain. What a small world did I mention our tour if the Vatican for 4 hrs was with Clay Aiken.
Sandra Luna (last name removed)
Tisha I swear I said can we take a pic? I’m tagging my sister on her bday and she’s a big fan and here we go. My head set broke he have me his. Grandpa was there and I kinda stay in the tail I was so tired. Lol
Thank you, Sandra, for sharing this great picture of Clay at the Vatican in Rome!
avere una grande vacanza
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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “Ciao”

  1. Talk about being blessed at the Vatican!!! How special was that for the sweet lady!! Oh! to be in her
    shoes for that four hour tour! You just never know when that Mr. Aiken is going to pop up – He is
    definitely looking fit and healthy and so "Italian" – very handsome, too!

  2. Wow! so that's where Clay is, great pic, love it! Thanks musicfan and Sandra for sharing. xox

  3. Clay runs into fans all over the world! So happy to learn that Clay is spending his summer having some fun and travelling.

  4. Thank You musicfan123, for always keeping Me informed!!! 🙂 🙂

    THANK YOU FOR THE PHOTO, What is Clay doing, just visiting??? I give up in trying to keep up with Clay, it's making me Crazy!!! 🙂 WHAT A LUCKY FAN!!!! 🙂


  5. I love that picture. Clay looks wonderful! Hope he’s having fun in Italy.

    I wouldn’t expect a decision on AI judging anytime soon. They will drag out the drama till the last minute. I’m rooting for Clay whatever happens.

  6. wow clay sure looks amazing ilove that pic i sure hope clay is doing fine in italy and injoying him self in a summer vacation whays clay doing in italy i try to keep up with clay what a verry lucky fan

  7. I love that picture of Clay! I am glad he is on a vacation in such a beautiful area. He looked so happy! Happy to see that smile on his face.Thanks so much for posting it.

  8. Clay looks really great in that photo. Thanks so much for sharing it. I hope he's having a wonderful time in Italy.

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