Clay Aiken – August By The Ocean!


Twitter…sometimes it’s questionable…sometimes it’s silly…sometimes it’s informational…but sometimes it’s just FUN! 

And on Wednesday, Clay Aiken posted a tweet that kept his fans busy all day.  Most had lots of fun!

After reading the tweet, fans had some fun questions:

1.  Is shortly the same as soon?

2.  Clay is taking a cruise?

3.  Does he mean the Pacific or the Atlantic?

4.  Will Clay be working or on vacation?

5.  How can I get my work done while waiting to hear shortly ?

Whatever Clay has planned, I look forward to hearing about it and I am sure that he will let us know as soon as he can.


When I saw Clay’s #augustbytheocean I thought of the boardwalk.  And the boardwalk reminds me of Clay’s performance of Under the Boardwalk. It was lots of fun!

What do you think Clay means with his tweet?

And don’t forget to check in with CANN.  We will post the Clay news as soon as possible!

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  1. I can’t even think of what the tweet means. I hope it’s an exciting work opportunity. I’d love to see Clay in action again.

  2. First of all I love guessing or speculating. I think maybe he might be performing at a casino in Atlantic City. I say he will go north of Raleigh, but if it is not Atlantic City, where will it be.? I'm never right, but I do love to guess as to what Clay is saying with his clue. Oh, did I mention that this tweet makes me super excited.

  3. I hope he meant the Atlantic and he is vacationing "down the Cape" as in Cape Cod MA! I am in Boston and boy would that be a treat! I also hope he meant doing a quick stint on Broadway- either one works for me. At Least he didn't say "soon"!

  4. Clay loves to keep us in suspense, can't wait to hear the latest news he has for us! Just love him for thinking about us and love the video.
    Thanks Musicfan xox

  5. i have a feeling that clay aiken justloves to keep us all guessing and he likes to keep us all in saspence i cant wait to hear the latist newsthat he has for us all ilovehim for thinking about us all

  6. I'm heading to Phila. in August…Atlantic City isn't far away. Could I be lucky enough to see Clay perform there? I'm sure I wouldn't find Clay laying on a beach or in the ocean anywhere along the coast. Maybe Under the Boardwalk?!


  7. Thanks for the wonderful memory, musicfan, the Beach Party was my favorite show of the season, even better than Puppet Up. So fun to see it again! About his tweet — the fan responses are hilarious, thanks for the laughs! And I guess we all know by now what the "shortly" is all about, lol… (the link to a announcement is on his blog on OFC!)

    • kathy…sorry you missed the two blogs here about Clay's role as Joseph at Ogunquit. Check out Friday and Saturday's blogs!!

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