Clay Aiken – Afternoon Fun in Ogunquit

There are a few reports from the August 3rd matinee of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Close Every Door OMG!!!!! Had me in tears y’all! So emotionally sung.
Real tears…. believe you me! The man is one helluvan actor!
I feel so fortunate to be seeing this and wish everyone could see it!


Intermission. Wow just wow. Keala is amazing and clay’s high range is spot on. More after the show.

eta: theater is full.


Just got back from 3:30 show and my front row deadcenter seat Clay looks fantastic!! no stubble..brilliant vocals! he is definetly getting more into the part. quick stage door got an autograph. grabbing some food and back to 8:30. 

ETA someone asked him at at stage door why no loin cloth? reply..”no one wants to see that”‘


Many thanks to the fans for posting their thoughts!

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Afternoon Fun in Ogunquit

  1. Thanks for posting the comments regarding the show. I love to read them. The show sounds so marvelous. I am so glad so many fans are attending. I will say that I personally think that Clay should have asked for opinions from the fans regarding his costume before making the decision on his own! ; )

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