Clay Aiken – Another Amazing Show!

One More Week! – That’s All That is Left of Clay Aiken starring in

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

It is getting late and there are only a few new reports about the Saturday performances.  If more comes in later, I will post them during the day.

The following are a few fan reports:

Another amazing show tonight! We were in the second row center and we were unbelievably close!

The only thing of note that I can remember happened at the end when he sings while looking at Jacob. He really put a lot of emotion into it. So much so that at the end of the song when he is in front next to Keala, he actually teared up and couldn’t sing part of a line. I don’t think it was acting. Bill is leaving the part of Jacob, and perhaps that is what he was choked up about?


….The theater was packed tonight and once again the whole cast was having a ball on stage. Close Every Door was stunning and got a great response from the audience. And the final Any Dream Will Do, when he reunites with Jacob was incredibly emotional tonight – much more so than last night. Clay had tears in his eyes as he was singing to his “father”, who tenderly touches his face during the song.

I noticed tonight that 3-4 of the older girls in the kids chorus had head mics on. I assume they are the girls with the strongest voices – probably a good idea to mic them and then not have to worry too much about all the other kids (who aren’t mic’d). At the very start of the show, the kids are sitting on the stage when Keala comes out. Their backs are mostly to the audience, but since I was up close I could see many of them well and they all have these “fake” smiles plastered on their faces (they were obviously directed to “smile big”). But when Clay comes out and starts singing and looking at them individually, I could see the “fake” smiles turn into real smiles – so sweet!

There were two guys sitting in the row behind me (Row B) who looked VERY familiar – I think they might have been Spamalot cast members. Did anyone else recognize them? I need to pull out my old Spamalot Playbills to see if I can figure out who they are! They sure enjoyed the show – every time I looked back they had big smiles on their faces!

I have more to share…


When Clay broke the cup setting it down, the guys knew exactly where each piece fell. One of them kicked the goblet out of way while dancing but the stem remained in the center. I was concerned that someone was going to get hurt stepping on it, but they knew exactly where to step. Safety first!


Clay hair in CED ws a hot sexy mess thru the songs but vocals were so outstanding. After the song the were loud cheers and lots of whistles. The Audience really appreciates Clay after Go Go Joseph. After Go Go Joseph the Baker fixes Clay’s hair to get it out of Clay’s face. Clay was really having fun dancing and stamping his feet. He must be feeling better physically.


There are some Twitter messages too:

The crowd gets bigger each performance. Does it remind you of Spamalot?



It is always fun to see these fun tweets!

And finally,  a stage door video from a couple of day ago!


Life Is Good!!

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  1. its funny that you should ask that question and yes in a way it does remind me of spamalot but spamalot was funny this story is a bible story awwclay that makes me sad also that bill is leaving the part of jacub thanks music fan xooo

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