Clay Aiken -The Whole Play Was Just Wonderful !

Welcome to The Week-End!!  What a great time to think about Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Ogunquit, Maine.  From all that is posted, it seems that Clay Aiken and his “brothers” are enjoying Maine, the show, and the great new friends they have made.  Happy castmates means fabulous shows…so it’s a win for all!

The following are some of the audience comments about the show.  It is always fun to see so many are enjoying the show.

Just got home from my first Joseph show and I haven’t stopped smiling yet! The show was so much fun and the whole cast is really excellent – they are all obviously having a great time on stage together. It was so wonderful to see Clay live again, and from Row A I got to see him up close and personal! Close Every Door was riveting, and he was really into it – he looked a bit teary eyed while he was singing. I didn’t notice any hair falling in his face during this song, but he does sing most of the song in a prone position – I have no idea how he can generate enough breath control and power from that position!

Years ago I saw a touring production of this show, with Debbie Gibson in the narrator role. After seeing Keala Settle (with her awesome Broadway belter voice) do this role, it is hard for me to fathom how someone with such a “light” (being nice here) voice like Debbie could possibly do this role justice!

Huge crowd at the stage door tonight. When the various brothers came out, they seemed thrilled to be asked for their autographs (none of them had pens to sign with!). Clay was adorable, but the crowd was big enough that he could only sign for those right in front.

I’d never been to Ogunquit before but I have to say that it is one of the most charming New England towns I have ever been to. I’ll definitely want to go back again for a more extended visit. I’m already dreaming of Clay coming back next summer!!


Clay is thrown in a “cell” and chained to the floor by the guard — then the “pretend” spit on by the guard. CED — How he sings that powerfully in a prone position is amazing — and the song is so beautiful. Close Every Door just took my breath away. We were sitting on Row A, the 1st 3 seats and during CED, the kids are kneeling on the stage surrounding Joseph with their little lights. I couldn’t see him at first — then Clay raised up some on his arms and there he was with that worn and hurt look on his face. His singing takes my breath away on this song. After he finishes it, there were lots of clapping and verbal oohs and aahs (mostly probably from me LOL) I’m sure there were many OMGs popping into many minds in the audience.

Love the Pharaoh in his blue suede shoes and his Elvis character — he does a really good imitation of the King! He wiggles and sings, wipes his brow & give his handkerchief to a lady on the 1st row. This guy is very well put togegther. Clay/Joseph interprets his dreams and he becomes #2 to Pharaoh after hinting & hinting about it. So cute. Wonderful scenario with Pharaoh and with the brothers again. Love the interaction of Joseph with Benjamin — he was angry and forceful — poor little young Benjamin. The brothers are all trying to distract Pharaoh’s #2 guy but to no avail. Until finally Joseph reveals who he is — then hugs them all! Jacob takes the stage from the right side aisle moving slow with his head down — so sad — Joseph takes his hands and the look on Clay’s face, in revealing who he is to his father, is so tender and perfect. *sniff* How does he do that? I couldn’t see Joseph’s eyes but I bet they were teared up looking at his son.

Clay is really handsome with the better wig, the while linen outfit, and white sandals. One time he was close as about 5 feet from me — his eyes were a glinting/shiny green. mercy <—-my mercy……..

The whole play was just wonderful — love the brothers, the dancers, Jacob, Potiphar & his wife, Pharaoh, everyone did an outstanding job. I could have seen it several more times. Sure wish I could have.

Oh — we went to the stage door and Clay finally came out — thanking everyone and signing posters and programs. I stuck mine between two ladies and he signed it. yeaa! After he did that, I sorta drifted back out of the crowd to watch with my 2 guys. He looked great — reddish hair — Clay does seem to have a glow or something. Maybe it’s just me. LOL He moved down the line like he was okay re: his back or his leg but who knows? I sure hope he is — he has another 2 weeks as Joseph.

OMG describes it for me. OMG times 1,000 at least.


I am at the show! First thing I realized was when I bought the tix I read seating chart upside down so I’m in back!!! I can see very well though. Crowd cheered when Clay walked through the door at beginning. At end of CED crowd ROARED. Place is packed.


One of our readers wrote a great review of the show.  The following is some of what she wrote.

Thank you, KlovesClay

First off- the show. OH MY GOODNESS!! It keeps getting better and better!! Thanks to my sister I was in row 2 center stage center seat (107) in other words-3 feet from Clay…

…The show started and Clay came out- I swear I felt my heart in my throat. He is simply gorgeous…perfection….there are no words!!!! He is really cute singing to the kids and they are really good singers! His voice was pure perfection as always…

…Close Every Door was amazing- the emotion in Clay’s voice blows me away. The body language, the facial expressions….everything done to perfection. Gave me chills and made me cry! One funny note- his hair was in his face while he was singing/looking down. Every exhale the hair fluttered-he tried to blow it away but it just kept hanging there! During the next verse he was up on all fours so he was able to tuck it behind his ear. Too funny!

…The rest of the show was awesome- the brothers are hysterical and the part where Clay has to pretend to be mad at them is done really well. I don’t ever want to piss Clay off- he can really make a MEAN face!! …

So many ppl have written about the Pharroh-he really does steal the show. He is HYSTERICAL and is having a blast with his role. He is super shiny, super muscled, half naked and tan….however-I couldn’t take my eyes off Clay over on the side of the stage watching the Pharroh do his act…


Here are a few tweets:


Lizzie Convent ‏@EV143 Seeing a show at Ogunquit Playhouse starring Clay Aiken!  – (Be sure and check out the sign…the show was sold out!)

Marilynn † ‏@murryelizabeth @clayaiken @KenArpino @korywithaK_18 Sitting front row of Joseph!! Break a leg tonight boys! ❤#SoExcited

Lizzie Convent ‏@EV143 Loving this show with @clayaiken!! #Josephs #OgunquitPlayhouse
Airwrecka Manny ‏@ericamanny I’m in love with @clayaiken all over again omg
Marilynn † ‏@murryelizabeth @clayaiken @KenArpino @korywithaK_18 OHMIGOSH!!!!! IT’S AMAZING! The dancing the singing the costumes. Everything is perfect!

Monique Meadows ‏@MoniqueCMeadows Clay Aiken signing autographs. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in #Ogunquit #maine
I Chris ‏@IChris @clayaiken @Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is now my favorite show. What a wonderful show, cast & music. Congrats to all!

Jan Filippi
Just came back from Ogunquit, Maine! Saw my American Idol, Clay aiken starring in “Joseph & His Technicolor Coat”- WOW! He was as great as ever! We had super tix, 2 rows side of stage- could see his baby blues!!Great time!!
Carolyn Elfman Kidd
Jim and I are here to watch Clay Aiken perform in Joseph and the Amazing Dream coat..can’t wait.. know its going to be good. We have had two great days. — at Ogunquit Playhouse
I especially like this Facebook message and the attached picture!

207TV ‏@207TV 3m Talking with Clay Aiken at Ogunquit Playhouse for Monday’s 207 – he is a pleasure to spend time with
I hope we can see the interview on Monday!!
A big thank you to those who have helped by collecting FB and Twitter comments.  Since I have been on vacation, their help was so much appreciated.
There has been a lot of news and I am sure there will be more tomorrow.  Please check back for more news!
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  1. Love the wonderful comments. I'm having more fun following the guy's fun times on twitter. Looking forward to more fun today

  2. ilove the wonderfull coments i woldnt want to be in a room where clay is angry i woldnt want him to be angry at me im glad that has fans and people are enjoyimg this i wish i could go to see clay thank you to k loves clay and thank you music fan

  3. Thanks for putting all of the comments in one place. I LOVE reading them!
    Looking forward to the interview on Monday. Saw an ad for it on tv today on a show that was from Maine. So awesome to see Clay on my tv!!

  4. Only one more week and I get to experience Joseph. The reviews and tweets have me sooo excited.

  5. This is all sooo much excitement – very happy for Clay and his cast mates that they are enjoying
    performing as much as the the audience is in being there and watching! Great time for all having
    this experience! Thanks to all putting in great recaps for us that can't attend – it helps sooo much!<3

  6. Just love reading all comments and tweets, they're great and thanks so much for posting, we so look forward to any news about Clay! xox

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