Clay Aiken – Who Is That Man?

Who is that man who is starring as Joseph at The Ogunquit Playhouse?  Did you see his latest tweet?


I have to say, I really laughed out loud when I read that tweet! Clay Aiken…please keep it up. You are making a lot of people smile with your tweets. Thank you!

Did you see this fabulous picture from August 16th?  Thank you nccsredclayrocks!

I would bet that the Ogunquit Playhouse is happy with the size of the audiences for Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Tuesday night, it was reported:


And, if you check the ticket site, you can see that there are no tickets left, yes ZERO tickets left for the final show.



KISS 95.1FM – Charlotte – is having an


Cast your vote on which fan base you think is the biggest, best and brightest when it comes to supporting their favorite artist.  The winning fan group will win the Kiss 95.1 Ultimate Fan Group Showdown award and have bragging rights until forever!

Round 1 voting will end August 22 at 11:59pm ET.

Clay’s fan are included in the voting.  If you feel like voting, you can find the poll at


I would love to see Clay’s fans make it through the first round!!

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  1. Laughed Out Loud, too! Funny, Funny, man! Loving the pic a lot !! So glad about the "STANDING ROOM ONLY" !!!!! Clay is drawing the crowds!

  2. Goodmorning! Love that seating chart!! When the shows first started I kept checking the sale of tickets up until I was attending. I was there on the 15th, 17th and 18th. On Sunday the 18th is was practially sold out. However Friday and Sat had a good bit of tickets available. HowEVER when I was there it ended up being a SRO evening! BOTH nights! The buzz around town told me that the locals intended on going but just hadn't yet. I'm betting the audiences for their last week will also be standing room only!!! Go go go Clay!!

  3. I voted! Who is the THE CAB band/person they have Clay going up against. More importantly why are they winning?

    I am nuts- sitting her on my day off seriously considering going to Maine for the Day!

  4. Wonderful that the show has been such a success, Clay and the cast are so talented, I can see Clay performing in more Broadway shows. Thanks for the photos and love the tweet by Clay, made me smile. xox

  5. I love that tweet. He is right…she is already gifted just undressing him. Whew! She sure is lucky. Yep! I have already voted for Clay. Can't believe that the group that is there with him was winning. Don't even know who they are. Come on everybody let's vote for Clay.

    That is great that all his shows have been sold out. He is just amazing as Joseph. I also love that picture of Clay. Never seen a picture of him that I didn't like.

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