Clay Aiken – A Presidential Performance

It was a special day for Clay Aiken and the cast of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Not only did they perform two outstanding shows today, they performed for Former President  George Bush Senior and his beautiful wife Barbara. From all accounts, they really enjoyed the show.  During the intermission, they visited with some of the cast and even had some pictures taken in Clay’s dressing room.

Matthew Ragas plays the Pharaoh  in the production.  He tweeted:

Matthew Ragas ‏@MatthewRagas 4m
Brad to Barbara bush about me “we don’t let him wear a lot of clothes” Barbara “when he looks like that why should you” lol

Now, lets hope a picture of Clay and the former president shows up somewhere!


The following are a few Facebook messages!

Joan Haff
It was so nice to see that former President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush went to the Ogunquit, Maine Playhouse to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this afternoon. What an honor for Clay Aiken, who played “Joseph”, and the rest of the cast. They took pictures with the cast. What a memory they all will have, including the audience.

Susan Ferrari
Just got back from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Ogunquit Playhouse, starring Clay Aiken as Joseph. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! What a treat!

Eric D. Booker
Had a great day today. Went to Oarweed for lunch in Ogunquit. Which was GREAT. Then to see Clay Aiken in Joseph and the Techicolor Coat. The show was VERY good and special guests in the crowd were George and Barbara Bush.

Chris Mewhinney
So today I met a president in Clay Aiken’s dressing room. How was your day?


The following report came from a fan:

Amazingly good ..Presidential performance!! Spoke with some of the actors after the show. They were all positively glowing. One said he found out just as he was tying his shoes. Another said he met with them at intermission. He and Barbara in the row near exit….for his wheelchair. Many of the audience stood and clapped when he was wheeled back in. Barbara came in earlier..and got applause. Everyone was waving at him. He saluted to the audience. Young girl next to me with some form of disability….right in front row. Even with the President in the audience, some of the cast, especially Elvis, gave the girl the most attention. She kept telling Elvis she loved him. She would wave at him and he would wave back. Made me so happy. A moment of inclusion at it’s finest.

…many NJU around me. All who had seen Donny production thought this was much better!!! When Clay was finishing CED…the older man next to me was sitting there with his mouth literally wide open in awe…and his hands ready to clap. He clapped very loud and for a long time.

…Elvis handed the handkerchief to an elderly woman NJU two seats away from me. She was so excited. When she wiped his brow, she did it so grandmotherly like. It was really sweet.

~~~~~ is having a broadway smackdown – Which Idol would you rather see in the Coat of Many Colors… Clay Aiken or Ace Young.
You vote by tweeting and they will announce the winner next week.

Tweet to @broadwaycom with the hashtag #bwaysmackdown   The tweet won’t count if you don’t add the #bwaysmackdown

I hope you can help out!


The following are some great stagedoor pictures from Wednesday’s matinee.  Thank you, Cameocat. She said it was very warm and that Clay seemed to have a new haircut.

Just a reminder…Tomorrow I am off to Maine to see Clay perform!  I am taking my laptop and expect to post each day…

However, I hope you will have patience as the schedule might be a bit off.

I am excited and will try and remember some details!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Presidential Performance

  1. I am excited and happy for you Musicfan!! Have a great time and breath in all of that Clay air!

    Will be watching for your posts – – safe travels! 🙂

    How great for "Joseph" and cast to have President and Barbara Bush there – amazing!

  2. I hope you can find service when you are up there! I will be upset if you have trouble! Our phones managed to get 1 to 2 bars and were able to post, but man it was difficult! Have a great time musicfan!!

  3. Have a great time Musicfan as i'm sure you will according to all the wonderful comments we've been getting since the play started, looking forward to more news and it must have been great to have President George Bush and Barbara there.

  4. WOW! What a great day for Clay and the cast of 'Joseph'. I have been following the weather in Portland, ME…every day is in the mid 80's and sunny. In Raleigh, NC it has been thunderstorms each day. Bet Clay is happy to be where the weather is wonderful and the fans can gather at the stage door. Can hardly wait to see your posts from Ogunquit, Musicfan.

  5. How cool for Clay and the cast to perform for a President. Great honor.

    Have a wonderful trip Musicfan. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  6. So glad you are finally getting your turn to see Clay in Joseph!! Looking forward to your recap!
    I missed the Bushes by just one day. So, exciting that they were there. Hoping we get a picture of Clay with them. LOVE his new haircut.

  7. Hope the fantastic weather they are having in Ogunquit (mid 80's and sunny) keep thru the next week. Clay should be rejoicing…Raleigh, NC thunderstorms every day! Safe trip Musicfan. Can't wait to read your posts from ME.

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