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On Monday, September 9th, Clay Aiken News Network signed on with a new e-mail program.  Called Feedblitz, the first email should have gone out between 1a.m. – 4a.m Tuesday morning.  Did you get your e-mail?  We really need your feed-back so if there is a problem, please let us know so we can fix it.  Our computer expert, Deona, has worked hard to  make the change easy for everyone…so we cross our fingers and hope that everyone gets the e-mail.  Any feedback is alway appreciated.

Clay Aiken was a bit busy on Twitter on Monday.  Did you see this?

Looks like a nice, relaxing experience…but orange creamcicles? Hmmm!

Clay also sent another tweet on Monday!

“Thank you For Being A Friend!”

Did you watch Arsenio Hall’s new show last night?  If so, what did you think?

On Monday night, some of Broadway’s brightest talents sang completely new arrangements of the hits of Amy Winehouse.  This special event was part of the BROADWAY SINGS concert series. More than 20 Broadway performers were accompanied by a full band playing brand new, original orchestrations of the English singer’s greatest songs. Clay’s good friend, Keala Settle was one of the performers of the night.  A few comments from those in attendance say:

What a moving song you sang tonight!

These girls were literally EVERYTHING tonight! Broadway SANG Amy

Keala killed “Love is a Losing Game.”  Awesome!

It is so great that we have been introduced to so many new talents by Clay Aiken.  I hope I can hear her again in person soon.

I was looking for a special YouTube and ran across this fun one of Clay Aiken…I just love to laugh!

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21 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Catching Up With The News!

  1. That was so much fun! Thanks for sharing the link to this YouTube clip. I don’t get tired watching it. Also, I got the email at 4:25 am. It looks good.

  2. I did received the new e-mail from Feedbitz. I watch the Arsenio Hall new show. Just like an old friend has come back.

  3. Love it, that was so fun watching Clay, his expressions are so cute, what an entertainer, you can't help but smile, love him! Thanks Musicfan xox.
    Got your email.

  4. I didn't get up till 8:00 a.m. but it was in my mailbox!!! Great job you guys!! LOVE the tweets Clay shared with us. I was chuckling so hard when I saw his dreamsicle pic. So damn funny!!!

  5. Received an email today, Tue at 4.37am and one from yesterday, on Monday 12.30pm.

    I didn't get a chance to check out Arsenio Hal, I don't think I have the channel! Sorry Clay, I would if I could, hope it was a good show. 🙂

  6. Hi, I haven't missed any emails but got two yesterday the 9th Sept. Thanks for all your work, hope things are now running smoothly. Margaret. Northern Ireland

  7. Got my e-mail. Thanks. I like the new format of the e-mail too. Also loved the video…I really laughed out loud!!

  8. I didn't check my email until noon. The CANN was there. It looks different, but it works. I taped Arsenio last night and will watch it today. I did love orange creamcicles growing up. If Clay's feet smell like that, I'm all for it.

  9. Hi,

    I haven't gotten e-mail today!!! So if someone could help me out, I'd GREATLY appreciate it!



  10. I received my email. Looks fine! I didn't watch Arsenio and don't intend to until Clay is on. I want the ratings to JUMP on Clay's appearance.

  11. Yes I did receive my email. Love the video! I did not watch Arsenio and won't until Clay is on the show.
    I have never heard anyone describe the scent of their feet as being like "orange creamcicles" He is too funny!

  12. If and when Clay is on Arsenio's show, I will watch. Until then I'll pass. Thanks for the fun concert memories.

  13. I've been- getting my email all along. Thanks for the funny video today. I've seen it but with Clay, it's never too often to watch these videos. It always seems like the first time! Thanks Martha and Deona and whoever else puts their time and energy into CANN.

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