Clay Aiken – Drive, Determination, and Passion

Welcome to the last week-end of September!  I hope you have some fun plans for the week-end!

A few months ago, it was revealed that Clay Aiken wrote the introduction to a book.  Titled  Starry – Eyed: 16 Stories That Steal The Spotlight, the book was written by Ted Michael and Josh Pultz. wrote the following about the book:

No light is as unforgiving as the spotlight, but to be in it while being a teenager is just plain brutal. This collection of fictional short stories highlight the struggles, hopes, failures, and triumphs of young aspiring singers, dancers, actors, actresses, and performers. While these characters may feel out of place during their everyday lives, they are able to find a home onstage and in rehearsals. Woven throughout the anthology are personal anecdotes from several of today’s most celebrated performers of stage, screen, and television.

Whether hilarious or romantic or devastating or suspenseful, these diverse coming-of-age stories are perfect for anyone who is reaching for the stars.

The 400 page paperback book is scheduled to be released on October 8, 2013.  The book already has a short review.  From Kirkus Reviews:

Under the hubbub of the theater world are themes that deal with common teenage issues such as insecurity, jealousy, the fear of coming out and young love. Definitely worthy of applause. 

The following is Clay’s introduction to the book:


The book is available at Amazon and other bookstores.  I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds like a good book for young people who are passionate about the arts and entertainment field.

There was a small Clay Aiken mention on Fox Sports News on Friday.  Check out the headline on their FaceBook page and be sure to watch the YouTube.  Clay shows up in the first minute.

Somehow, I feel we can’t have a Clay Aiken blog without at least one picture of Clay.

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Drive, Determination, and Passion

  1. What a wonderful Introduction that Clay did for this book that looks like will be a great seller. Does
    sound very interesting for young people thinking about Entertainment careers. Clay was the perfect
    person to write this – he always manages to shine – no matter the call!!! He is truly amazing! <3

    I am loving the pictures, too, Musicfan!

  2. Clay has a unique penchant for the written word. His style is endearing as well as riveting, inspirational, indicative of a down home upbringing, and always filled with a solid sense of humor that often is aimed at himself. If anyone can summarize the agony and the ecstasy of show business, it is Clay.

    I have no idea how many times I have read or listened to “Learning to Sing”, but this book has brought me much enjoyment as well as well as urging me to conduct more than a few serious self-evaluations.

    Some time ago, Clay mentioned he was working on a book with his mom, and I hope it will be soon (not Clay’s definition of this word) be on the market!

  3. I've passed the information about the book 'Starry-Eyed:' on to my friend who teaches drama and choir in a high school. I'm sure it will be useful to his students. Clay has such an easy way with words. He has made so many friends and contacts since his days on AI. So happy for him.

  4. That was a cute mention on Fox sports. It's great that people still remember that Idol final and make reference to it.

  5. I just ordered this book. Should be getting it next Thursday. Can't wait. Anything with Clay in it…I'll buy it. Lol!!!!! Love those pictures too…handsome man.

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