Clay Aiken – A Fabulous Evening!

It is 2:30 in the morning in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now,I am really NOT a  party person, but it was a fabulous evening!  Who ever heard of having dinner at 11pm…but it was good and it was loads of fun.

The VIP reception on Friday night was beautiful.  The room looked lovely and the desserts were yummy!  Each person in attendance had the opportunity to have their individual picture taken with Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel.  How they were able to get so many pictures taken in an hour is amazing…but they did.

Jerry Aiken started the program with a nice introduction to the evening.  Jerry always does such a good job of representing the Project and makes all the audience feel comfortable.

Clay and Diane had a short question and answer session and tried to update us on all that is going on with the Project.

Next, Clay asked long-time fan, Ethyl, to join him on stage as he auctioned off two special events…a hot air balloon ride with Clay and a dinner for 15 with Clay.  It was wonderful that the dinner went for $56,000.

The talented Ben Cohn joined Clay on stage.  Clay said that they had rehearsed on Friday afternoon and completely changed what they were going to perform.  They decided to sing songs from Clay’s first album, Measure of a Man.  They performed:

1.  The Way

2.  Run To Me

3.  I Survived You

4.  Measure of A Man

5.  Invisible (sung quietly as a ballad-it was amazing and so beautiful)

Hearing Clay’s beautiful voice with just the piano was a real treat and I have to admit I got just a bit teary as I found it so beautiful!

A couple of other comments.  It was so nice to see Jerome at the Gala.  He kept us all in line while we got our pictures taken.  What a nice man!

Also, it was announced at the beginning of the evening that we could take pictures….BUT…no flash and no recordings of any kind.  Fortunately, Scarlet was at the reception and shared her pictures with us.  The following are a few that she took.

With Ethyl

Thank you to Scarlett for the pictures!

I am sure there is much more I should tell you, but My brain is closing down.

I will add more as the day goes by (and after some sleep)!


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Fabulous Evening!

  1. What a fun time! I love those songs and my goodness Clay looks gorgeous! Thank you Scarlet! Get some rest and have a fun time today. 🙂

  2. omg clay looks verry handsome and geogeous ialso love the songs and thanks scarlet please get some well needed rest and please do have a fun time today

  3. Thank you so much for writing about the VIP reception last night. It made my heart sing to look at all those wonderful pictures and reading about the fabulous entertainment. I was happy to read Jerome was there. He is a dear man and has been with Clay throughout this adventure. I know all who attended had a wonderful time and made some good memories.

  4. I got back 4 hrs ago. Clay was so wonderful. When I went to get my picture taken I was like a scared bunny rabbit. Clay said Well come 0on over here!and since I use a walker he said Diane and him would support me. i was so awe struck I forgot all about trying to hug him. But Jerome wouldnt have let me anyway. The gala was so inspiring! I got to meet Clays mom. I thanked her 4 making Clay and Brett and she said she didnt do it all by herself. I met Uncle Jerry too. They were all so nice even though they are such important people.I made some new friends and got to meet my CANN friend Marlene. I was on the 18thflr of the Marriott.more tomorrow!

    • Awe, Thank you S.Susan – it was such a pleasure to meet you and share a hug! I am so glad
      you were there and my experience with the Clay photo was sooo like yours. A scared bunny
      rabbit sounds like the perfect description – but a very happy one – I wanted to make sure I thanked
      them – but not sure if I even did that!!!! OMGoodness – what a thrill!

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