Clay Aiken – Look At All The People

This blog is coming to you from the Marriott City Center Hotel – Charlotte, North Carolina.  What a beautiful hotel.

So far, there has been no sign of Clay Aiken or any of the office staff.  However, the hotel is filling up with many supporters of the National Inclusion Project.

After taking a “red eye” flight from San Francisco with a stop in Chicago, I didn’t do a lot of sight-seeing today.  I did take a walk around the downtown area and Charlotte is a beautiful city.  There are modern business buildings, great pieces of art along the strrets, and even some street musicians to hear.

After dinner, the lobby of the hotel started to fill up with amazing  people.  It was fun to see so many familiar faces and have a chance to say hello to so many wonderful people.  I started taking pictures of the fans and I will post some tonight.  I bet you will recognize some of these fun people.  I did ask their permission to post the pictures, however, I am not listing any names as I will probably leave someone out by mistake and mess it all up!

From our afternoon walk – its made of mirrors!

 On Friday, I will try and post in the afternoon and then,of course, I will write when the VIP reception is over.

I wish you were all here to join in the celebration!


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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Look At All The People

  1. Exactly what I needed today to get me pumped up for my flight! So excited to get to the Marriott and see everyone!
    Musicfan- you are awesome! Still blogging and sharing even while you are away from home! Thank you for all you do!!!

  2. Thank you Musicfan for all the great photos of fans, looks like you're all having a great time, can't wait for more photos, especially of Clay. Wish I were there.

  3. thanks m usic fan so much for all the nice photos of clay aiken fans god i wish i was there i cant wait for more phots especialiley of our boyfriend clay

  4. Thanks so much!! Since I cannot be there this year, this is the next best thing!
    I know you'll all show Clay the love. It's heartwarming to see the support for The National Inclusion Project.

  5. Those are all great photos…looks like everyone is having such a good time. Wish I was there. Hope we get more…and maybe some with Clay in them.

  6. Wish there were screennames to go with those pics – it would be nice to put faces with personalities. Thanks for posting your pics & thoughts about the weekend.

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