Clay Aiken – Playing A Part!


From Taylor Hicks – Some news about Clay Aiken!!


Law and Order – You go Clay!!!  Hope you are having fun in New York!!!


I am leaving home  in a few hours –  on my way to Charlotte, via Chicago.  I will have my laptop, but the timing of the blogs might be a bit off for a few days.  I expect to post each day and report on what is happening at the National Inclusion Project 10th Anniversary Champions Gala!

I hope you will check in and I will post as soon as I can get to the computer!

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Playing A Part!

  1. Great news!! Hope you have a ball at the Gala! First time I'm missing it in 5 years, so I'll be anxiously awaiting news!

  2. Well , great show and we know he will be wonderful, as he is as natural at acting as singing. Cannot wait. keep um coming Clay.

  3. Is Clay going to be on a tv show, if so what show and when . I am getting confused, If anyone know's please let me know…..???

  4. hey taylor thanks so much about clay news ya know you idol male singers do amaze me taylor your so great at singing and playing clay your so amazing at singing and acting and have a great time at the gala everyone

  5. Per Taylor's interview this morning on WJOX945, the tentative date for their appearance on Law and Order is October 30th.

  6. Thanks SPFan…That is the day before Halloween. I will be watching. Clay looks just gorgeous in that picture. He takes my breath away.

  7. I can't wait to see Clay on Law and Order S V U! Please verify the date and time so I can be sure to watch it. I can hardly wait!

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