Clay Aiken – I Love Law & Order, SVU

I just found another video that was made for the episode that included Clay Aiken.

Did you enjoy the episode of Law & Order, SVU?

The following are some screen caps!

Thank you, hosaa

What a fun way to start a Saturday!!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – I Love Law & Order, SVU

  1. it's so sad this video not available in my country indonesia.. i wanna see clay so much 🙁 hope some one will make it to public

  2. another waving hands from indonesia. been looking in youtube and torrents but not yet available. would be really glad if you can help us music fan. usually i can downlod via clack but that website is not available anymore (so sad 🙁 ). big thanks if u can help us musicfan

  3. It's great to see Clay peeking in on the interview with Billie Porter and saying "Hi!" He is always so
    full of energy and would lift anybody's spirits and put a big smile on their face! 🙂

  4. Love the video especially with Clay being silly and cute! Lucky to be able to see this, Thanks so much Musicfan, you're the best!<3

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