Clay Aiken – It’s Been 11 Years!

I am feeling excited!  It was so much fun being able to post the new commercial for American Idol – Who Will Take The Crown?  It has been a long time since American Idol has given Clay Aiken his due and they certainly did this time! – In case you missed it, the video is in the blog right before this one.  I posted it Friday afternoon.

So…now my mind is on American Idol.  The following are some of the great pictures of Clay from Season 2 of American Idol.  It seems like it just happened, but its been almost 11 years!

Atlanta Try-outs


Top 12

Top 10

Top 7

Top 5

Top 4

Ford Commercial



Did you watch Clay in American Idol?

Do you still watch American Idol?



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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s Been 11 Years!

  1. By far Clay has been the best American Idol contestant. The most gracious one ever. Always acknowledging his peers. To this day Clay & Rubins' finale is the highest rated and viewed ever. Don't think it will ever be topped. He by far is the most versatile and talented . He has proven you don't need a title to be a winner. He out shines them all.

    Thankyou Clay for giving so much of yourself to your fans all these years. The joy received is beyond words.

  2. I love that new AI video and I’m so happy for once they’re showing Clay a little liovr. Sadly I didn’t start watching Idol till season 4 so I missed Clays season. I”ve gone back and watched every video I can find though. I became a. Clay fan when he was on the season 5 finale. That’s all it took!

    I do still watch AI but right now it’s mostly because I adore Keith Urban. I”ve liked other contestants but there sure hasn’t been anybody like Clay.

  3. Back in 2003, I could hardly wait each week for AI and Clay to appear. I was a fan from the very beginning. But now, I haven't watched the program for several years.

  4. yes i watched clay when he was on americian idol wow its been 11 years that long ago i was so excited and amazed at clay and i could hardley wait every night for a1 and for clay to apear i am still a fan of clay and i became clays fan at the begining i waited with antisapation every night to see who wold become the americian idol the time had come only clay and rubin standing there and when ryan sea crest said and the winner of americian idol is rubin i was so mad and upset i still am clay should have won that title he deserved to be idol

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