Clay Aiken – American Idol Video!

American Idol just released the following YouTube about the upcoming season.

It is so nice to see Clay Aiken included in the video!

American Idol has been an important show for many years!

 I hope it continues to be fun!

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – American Idol Video!

  1. Call me shocked!!! They actually have a wonderful part about Clay. That hasn't happened in years!!!

    Thanks for getting this up ASAP!!!

  2. and also called me shocked they acualy have a wonderfull part about our man clay that hasent happend imn ages or in years

  3. It is about time give him his just deserts . He was a big part of why AI became the show it has been for so many years. .

  4. YAY! Finally – absolutely loved seeing him get some much deserved attention from Idol!!! It really was
    time, already. Very nicely done video!

  5. CANN always first with the latest news about Clay. So happy to see him included in the new promo.
    Clay will always be my favorite American Idol…and not just because he has that awesome voice. He has a beautiful soul and cares deeply about others.

  6. AI is starting to get that Clay is a major draw and a credit to AI. It's about d*mn time! I hope they have Clay on this coming season. I suspect this AI season will bring back a lot of viewers. They have a good judging staff and appear to have some fine contestants. I'll be watching for the first time in umpteen years.
    I'm a Clay Aiken LIFER!

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