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One of the many wonders of seeing Clay Aiken in a live concert is to experience the way he shares the spotlight with the other musicians on the stage. It is almost like Clay wants us to share in his enjoyment of hearing his friends as they sing so well.

One of the ways Clay has introduced other singers to the audience is to sing duets with them. I have chosen four videos that show four duets that Clay has performed with four different vocalists. Each duet is amazing and also shows the different styles of song that is always a highlight of a Clay Aiken concert.

I Want To Know What Love Is!

Angela Fisher and Clay


Quiana Parler and Clay

The Prayer

Hannah Waddingham and Clay


Casey Thompson and Clay

I love all of these performances and can’t choose my favorite.

Which one do you like the most?

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  1. There is no way I can pick a favorite – just love them all. It is Clay's great humility that let's him share
    his stage with all – very beautiful, classy man!! VERY Classy!!! <3

  2. Um…all four! I love them all… singing with Casey Thompson was a treat. She is so cute and they seemed to have a fun time. Hell, ALL of them had a good time! How couldn't they! It's singing with Clay!!

  3. I agree with gaymarie. They are all fantastic performances. Who wouldn't love to sing a duet with Clay? He can harmonize with anyone. It's nice seeing these performances again. What's great about "Listen", is that it was spontaneous cause Angela was sick, so Clay filled in.

  4. Ah, I have to say, "Cryin" with Clay and Casey Thompson is my personal favorite. They are all special in their performances….just beautiful…., but Casey and Clay singing together really touched my heart.

  5. I love them all. The only one I didn't see in person was Clay and Hannah Waddingham, but I did watch it many times on youtube. I have always been impressed by how Clay shares the stage with the 'backup singers'. One can tell that Clay truly loves them as friends and appreciates their talent. In most concerts, he encourages them to sing a solo. I've never see other performers doing that.

  6. No way could I pick a favorite. Clay always has fun with his duet partners and brings out the best. It’s not on this list but I love the video where Angela and Quiana both sang I want to know what live is and Clay was actin all confused. So funny!

  7. theres no way that i can pic a fav id say listen clay sure has fun when he sings with his duet partners

  8. I can't pick a favourite…they're all terrific. Thanks for bringing so many great memories for us to look at.

  9. No contest, that's easy. Clay and Casey have always been my favorite. She has a powerful voice but I never feel she's competing with Clay, she always compliments his voice. And when he sings with her he sings softer maybe he doesn't feel the need to try and out sing someone. Have always loved Casey. And she has the same modest type personality that Clay does, a perfect fit.

  10. Only an unselfish person with a generous heart would be willing to share the stage as frequently as Clay does, even at his own concerts. How many other performers can you think of who not only highlight their backup singers, but also allow them to have the stage to themselves for entire songs? Personally, I don't know of any.

    To me, this speaks of someone who is confident in his own abilities – he doesn't need to hog the spotlight or try and compete with anyone to prove he's the best in these situations, which allows him to just relax and have fun with other performers who obviously mean a lot to him.

    I think that's beautiful, and is definitely what makes these performances such a joy to watch again and again. Thank you for sharing.

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