Clay Aiken – All Is Well

On November 28, 2006, Clay Aiken released a studio EP titled All Is Well.  Originally released as an exclusive recording for Wal-Mart, the popular album finally became available on iTunes in December of 2007.

Clay Aiken is listed, along with Jaymes Foster as an Executive Producer of the EP.  All Is Well debuted at #54 on the Billboard Comprehensive Albums chart. This is unusual as it is unusual for an EP disc to chart or to have its sales tracked.

The title song, All Is Well, was written by Michael W. Smith and recorded for his album Michael W Smith Christmas in 1989.  Because it was a popular song, Smith included the song on 2 more of his albums.

Michael W. Smith has released 24 albums and ten books.  He has sold 17,290,000 + albums and received many awards, including Dove awards and Grammy awards.

On the Joyful Noise Tour – 2012, Clay Aiken opened his concerts with All Is Well.

Have you ever heard Clay sing this live?

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – All Is Well

  1. I haven’t had a chance to hear Clay sung All is Well live which makes me sad. It’s the perfect blend of voice and song. Just breathtaking!

  2. Yes, I've heard him sing it live many times! I get the chills every single time, too. The last time I heard it live was on December 9, 2012 in Boston. What a way to open the show!! And then back in 2006–what an encore!! Thanks for posting the video–I'll never forget that moment when he nailed that last note–the look on his face–and how he continued to nail that last note for every single concert after that.

    • What a blessing it was to be in Boston last Christmas season

      to meet Clay & hear him sing & tease audience members–including our friend Sandy. (pesky hot flashes! ;-D)

      What a sweet surprise & gift it was for Clay to sing us a Christmas song on Arsenio! Our season just wouldn’t have been the same, without seeing him sing Christmas live. Thanks so much to Arsenio for taking great care of his good friend & making it happen!

  3. I saw Clay for the first time at JNT '12 Boston at the Wilbur Theater.

    I had just entered the "fandom" and the Aiken Fog was HUGE!! I think something happens after you've been a fan for a while-the fog lifts a tiny bit, you know more what to expect at a concert, more fan friends etc….now that I have 6 appearances under my belt (joseph, concert and gala) I am wanting more and more!

    I am sending out a prayer that I get another chance (or 100 chances) to see and hear Clay sing live. His voice is even better in person!

  4. I never got a chance to hear him sing All Is Well in person. Every Christmas Show I went to I was hoping he would sing it…and he didn't. He does an awesome job on that song.

  5. I heard Clay sing All is Well during the Joyful Noise 2012 tour. I love how Clay begins so quietly and then builds to that big, bold finish of the song. That album cover is one of my favorite photos of Clay. I think it was used again on billboards when Clay was appearing on Broadway in Spamalot.

  6. i never had the amaing chance to hear clay sing all is well in person but i watched the video from boston when clay sang it he did such a amazing job and that last note he nailed that note thanks for poasting that video the look on clay aiken face priceless i felt the same way clay did

    • Not sure if you know the history. The video shows the second concert of the tour. He missed that last note during the first concert. Leave it to Clay to turn a mistake into something wonderful and memorable. During the second concert when he sang All Is Well, you'll notice that he has his fingers crossed (hoping he'll hit the last note) and boy, did he ever. He continued to hit that last note every single time after that. I remember staying up late every night during that tour reading a message board and waiting to see the words–HE NAILED IT!!! What great memories.

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