Clay Aiken – Bits and Pieces

Tuesday, January 28th, was filled with small but interesting and fun mentions from and about Clay Aiken.  It was a good day!

The day started with a nice tweet from The Ogunquit Playhouse:

It was a nice mention and some great wins for the cast, crew, and the playhouse too!

Next, there was a YouTube published.  Titled 50 Greatest American Idol Performances of All-Time, Clay was shown three times

#44 Solitaire
#33 Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
# 1 Bridge Over Troubled Water

In the afternoon, there was a tweet.  It seems that Clay stopped by a coffee house and one of the young workers was excited that Clay visited and had her picture taken with Clay.  The picture and a short mention was put on Facebook:

Someone stopped by Detour Coffee House at Crossroads Commons the other day and Bekah had a classic moment. Anyone recognize him? Thanks for sharing, Bekah! — with Clay Aiken.

I’m sure glad that Clay has long arms so he can take the picture!!

Finally, in the evening, Political Clay shared some tweets as he listened to the State of The Union Address by President Obama.  If you haven’t seen the tweets, you can see them on the right column here at CANN.

It was interesting that N&O TV Blog retweeted one of Clay’s tweets.  Brooke Cain runs the twitter page and she has always given Clay lots of mentions at her site:

Just think…if Clay wins the election in November, he will be in the chambers, watching and listening to the president give The State of The Union – next year WOW!!!

As always, a few extra pictures of Clay are always fun!!

Did you think Tuesday was a good day for Clay?

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Bits and Pieces

  1. I liked Clay’s tweet about parties working together. Heaven knows we need to find a way to come together for the good if the country.

  2. I was thrilled that "Joseph" got so many awards. I'm sure the Ogunquit Playhouse was as well. It was a great run. Loved seeing the picture of Clay and the girl at the Coffee house too!!

    I watched the SOTU Address last night, and kept getting tweets from Clay on my phone!!! It was fun. I re-tweeted all his tweets. Any day is a great day in my Clay world. It just is.

    Have a wonderful day everyone….and stay warm… It's minus -25 here.

  3. Love all the news about Clay and great tweets he posted, hope he gets his wish to join the government, he would do so much good as he is such a hard worker at what ever he puts his mind to do, God bless him. Thanks Musicfan xo and love the pics

  4. It certainly was a good day for Clay yesterday, with all that good news about the award and a "selfie" picture with a fan. Not to mention yesterday was the same day he first appeared on Idol some 11 years ago… And the rest is history as they say…

  5. Wow! I forgot to mention that I loved the video, so nice to see Clay 3 times on it, nice ending. thanks again.

  6. Oh yes Tuesday was a great day for Clay! Personally I think every day is a great Clay day! Vote Clay for Congress!!!

  7. I am so glad that the Clay and the rest of the cast of Joseph won the Broadway awards. Also glad that Clay's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was rated number 1! I loved ready all the information today.

  8. clay sure did have a good day on tuesday and im verry happy that bridge over troubled waters was rated number 1 please vote clay for congress

  9. Just catching up–YES, Tuesday was a great day for Clay ! And for the last ten years, I thought every day was much better because Clay. Thanks to him and to CANN for bringing us the news, tweets, and pictures. You're the best !

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