Clay Aiken – The Ice Shines

As we begin the second week of Clay Aiken’s new road,  the buzz still continues.  On Thursday, two of the large entertainment  magazines mentioned Clay in their new issue.  Not bad for someone who is only rumored to be running for Congress.

Entertainment Weekly had Clay on the Bullseye page.  The silly mention had a picture of Ruben.  Under the picture, there was a comment:

Clay Aiken is reportedly considering a run for Congress in NC.  Why bother?  He’ll just end up placing second to this guy!

I wish I had a picture, however I do not subscribe to that magazine.

People Magazine had a small mention of Clay with an up-to-date picture. (thank you, Corabeth)


January 5th marked the opening of the United States Figure Skating Championships in Boston. This event features 250 skaters competing for national titles in three divisions. The U.S. Championships are eight days of Olympic-style competition and culminates with the selection of the U.S. World  and Olympic Teams.  I am an avid Figure Skating fan so I spent yesterday afternoon glued to the computer, watching the senior short programs.  I will be there again today!

Clay is no stranger to ice skating.  We have had a chance to see Clay on the Ice many times.

 Do you remember these skates?

National Anthem at Hurricanes Game – Part of Fundraiser

Skate With Clay – For BAF

Rockefeller Center NYC

Holiday On Ice Backstage for Magazine

Holiday On Ice

NHL All Star Game

Yes, Clay Aiken is a pretty good skater himself.   

  I hope you will all take the time to see this touching video.  It is beautiful!

Did you get to see Clay at any of these appearances?


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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Ice Shines

  1. That video is absolutely beautiful! I don't get tired watching it. I've seen all these appearances on tv and through clacks only – never in person.

  2. This is such a beautiful video musicfan, Clay sure can skate and I thank you for this post. This is going in my favorites for sure!

  3. I love all the pictures, however my favorite is the beautiful video. I wish some of the people in NC could see this so they see what Clay has been doing besides entertaining the last 11 years.

    Thank you for posting this!

  4. I remember how surprised I was to see Clay on ice skates. Thanks for posting that video. So touching to see Clay interact with the children. I agree with Christinann that if people in NC could see Clay in what he has done for others, they wouldn't concentrate so much on the fact that he is gay, just that he is one terrific, loving, caring person.

    • This blog was posted almost 10 months ago. I seldom monitor the older blogs, but I did check and the volume does work for me.

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