Clay Aiken – Will You Be Watching?

The 13th season of American Idol begins tonight.  The show returns with declining ratings, very little buzz, a new judging panel and new producers.  Oh yes…it also comes with competition from the NBC show, The Voice.

According to Television Without Pity, there are some positives changes that might bring back some of the fans:

  1. New Judge-Harry Connick Jr: JLo calls him “Hatchet Harry because he votes more “no’s” than the other two judges combined but his criticisms also tend to be accurate.
  2. Less Awful Contestants:  Most of the bad singers and jokes are gone.
  3. Not Just A Cappella Anymore: The contestants are now allowed to audition with an instrument.  Hopefully it will help with both nerves and pitch.
  4. No Randy:  Well, at least as a judge.  He will be the leader of the “Boot Camp” and will be working with the post-Hollywood Round contestants.

 Will you be watching American Idol tonight?

Are you willing to give it another chance?

Every time the beginning of the Idol season starts, I think back to Season 2.  I remember watching Clay Aiken in Atlanta and loved sharing in the excitement when he learned he was going to Hollywood.  That’s what the show should be about!!

I will always be thankful for American Idol because they introduced Clay Aiken to the world.  However, I haven’t watched the show for years. I loved it the first few years, but as the show seemed to move away from its original concept, I lost interest.

In remembrance of American Idol – Season 2, I thought we might have a bit of fun.

Clay sang many songs on the show.  How many can you name today?  Now, no cheating…no looking it up.  I think everyone will remember Bridge Over Troubled Water and Solitaire.  What other titles can you remember?

AND…for those who have the time, check the pictures below and see if you can put the song with the picture.










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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Will You Be Watching?

  1. Yes, I think I'll watch it this year because I like the judges they picked. Keith, Jennifer and Harry are a good blend, imo, and the show should be back on track. I never watched it in the early years and missed out on watching Clay rise to stardom week-by-week, but I definitely made up for it since!

  2. I will watch. I love Keith Urban and I think Harry is going to be fantastic! The real heart if the matter is can they find a contestant who will capture iur hearts like Clay did. I’m not sure lightning can ever strike twice.

    I’ve watched Clay’s AI videos so many times over the years that naming the songs and matching the pictures was easy. 🙂

  3. Oh my, I remember all those pictures and performances, but to put songs with them??? I'm not that good! BUT I do watch American Idol every single year. It's fun to watch even tho last year it was a bit difficult, lol. I LOVE Keith and J-Lo, but I luurrrve Harry! All three are easy on the eyes and I do believe they will gel quite nicely! Really looking forward to this year!

  4. Love all the pictures, and can put the song choice with all of them. I'm questioning #7 though. A little unsure about that one.

    I won't be watching at all. I haven't watched in years. I am done with shows like AI and the Voice. Don't care. Now, if Clay is going to be on, I will definitely watch. They don't interest me in the least.

  5. I always enjoy a Season 2 "flashback" when Idol starts up lol! How well I remember Clay being there and his amazing performances!
    My personal 3 favorites are "Bridge Over Troubled Water" "This is The Night" and "Somewhere Out There"
    Hmm, let's see if I remember some others:
    Tell Her About It
    To Love Somebody
    Build Me Up Buttercup
    Everlasting Love
    Mack The Knife
    Vincent (Starry Night)
    Unchained Melody
    I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

    NO I did NOT look these up! lol
    Anyways, AI is always fun to watch…will tune in tonight!

  6. Do not watch any more. I too am so grateful that they gave us Clay…but as the saying goes….
    "game over, Idol found"

  7. I will watch tonight. I really enjoy listening to singing contestants. I also like Harry Connick, Jr. However, I will not be voting when it's time to vote.

  8. I won't be watching. Last year was a total mess. The whole show changed too much and nothing about it makes me excited to watch.

  9. I haven't watched Idol for many years. Not about to start now. Lots of other shows on TV in the same time slot that I have started to watch. Love all the pictures of Clay. I can recall many of the songs he sang but not as well as Alyssa.

  10. i will watch tonight but last year was a mess the hole idol thing is new harry conick jr is a good judge it makes me excited al over again ilove the pictures of our clay i can recall the songs that clay sang like solatare bridge over troubled waters and manny more

  11. I haven't watch in years and I agree with "idol found". Love the pictures and the video. You do a great job.

  12. Sorry, this is a couple of weeks late & a dollar short but just wanted to add my 2 cents in… I haven't watched Idol since Crystal "Momma Sox" was the runner up of Season 9… And I haven't watched since then… But if we're going all the way back to season 2 with Mr. Aiken I can tell you what individual songs, group songs & themes each week were starting from Atlanta to Top 2… Here Goes Nothin'…

    1) Atlanta – "Always & Forever"
    2) Hollywood – "Groupie (Superstar)", Or "Kiss From A Rose" Or "Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again" Or "Band of Gold" Or "You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)"
    3) Group 2 – "Open Arms"
    4) Wild Card – "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"
    5) Motown – "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)"
    6) Motown Results – "(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave"
    7) Movie Themes – "Somewhere Out There"
    8) Movie Results – "Footloose"
    9) Movie Results – "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life"
    10) Country Rock – "Someone Else's Star"
    11) Country Rock Results – "Where The Blacktop Ends"
    12) Country Rock Results – "God Bless The U.S.A. (Proud To Be An American)"
    13) Disco – "Everlasting Love"
    13) Disco Results – "A Night To Remember"
    14) Disco Results – "Boogie Wonderland"
    15) Disco Results – "God Bless The U.S.A. (Proud To Be An American)" (Minus Corey Clark)
    15) Billboard # 1 Hits – "At This Moment"
    16) Billboard # 1 Hits Results – "All Night Long (All Night)"
    17) Billboard # 1 Hits Results – "Miss Independent" (Kelly Clarkson)
    18) Billy Joel – "Tell Her About It"
    19) Billy Joel Results – "The Longest Time"
    20) Billy Joel Results – "God Bless The U.S.A. (Proud To Be An American)" (Minus Corey Clark)
    21) Halfway Home – "Somewhere Out There"
    22) Diane Warren – "I Could Not Ask For More"
    23) Diane Warren Results – "Shine"
    24) 60's/Neil Sedaka – "Build Me Up Buttercup"
    25) 60's/Neil Sedaka – "Solitaire"
    26) 60's/Neil Sedaka Results – "60's Medley"
    27) 60's/Neil Sedaka Results – "What The World Needs Now Is Love" (Minus Corey Clark)
    28) 60's/Neil Sedaka Results – "I Saw Your Face" (Justin Guarani)
    29) BeeGees – "To Love Somebody"
    30) BeeGees – "Grease"
    31) BeeGees Results – "BeeGees Medley"
    32) Top 3 – "Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)"
    33) Top 3 – "Mack The Knife"
    34) Top 3 – "Unchained Melody"
    35) Top 3 Results – "Up Where We Belong"/"Reunited"/"Solid (As A Rock)"
    36) Top 2 Special – "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"
    37) Top 2 Special – "What The World Needs Now Is Love" (Minus Corey Clark & Joshua Gracin)
    38) Top 2 – "This Is The Night"
    39) Top 2 – "Here, There & Everywhere"
    40) Top 2 – "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Knocked That one out till kingdom come, baby!)
    41) Top 2 – "My Way" (Paul Anka)
    41) Top 2 Results – "One Voice" (Kelly Clarkson sang lead with other Season 2 Idols Backing Her Up)
    42) Top 2 Results – "Miss Independent" (Kelly Clarkson) (Clive Davis Then Presented Kelly With An Double/Triple Platinum Record Of "Thankful")
    43) Top 2 Results – "Guest Judges' Medley"
    44) Top 2 Results – "Superstar"/"Over The Rainbow"/"On The Wings Of Love"
    45) Top 2 Results – "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
    46) Top 2 Results – "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now"

    Have A Great Rest Of The Weekend Everyone!



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