Clay Aiken – Busy Every Minute Of The Day

Monday…What A Monday!  Clay Aiken and his team were busy every minute of the day.  Clay met with college students, yogurt lovers and even gave a speech.  Oh, yes…he sent out an invitation too!

The entire day comes alive through Twitter and Instagram.  So…here we go!

The invitation?  See yesterday’s mid-day blog here.


Monday Morning –  Sandhills Community College

clayforncGreat convo w/ @SandhillsCC admin about issues affecting community colleges and higher ed. #ncpol #nc02


CAYLI HANEY ‏@Cayli11 3m
They clapped when he walked in.

Taylor Shelton ‏@taylorshelton6 2m
omg clay Aiken I see him I see him

Boe Snipes ‏@BoeSnipes
So the one day I don’t go to school and Clay Aiken comes to the music department

Today @clayaiken taught me how to take selfies by using my volume button

Monday Afternoon – Di’lishi Frozen Yogurt Bar

Clay Aiken @ClayForNC Chatting with #MooreCounty residents who braved the rain and cold to meet with us to talk issues!

† a m a n d a † ‏@cosmiccrooks 2m
bruhh. clay aiken is less than twenty feet away from me.. i’m shaking.


It is fun to see how many people are happy to meet Clay. Now, they all need to VOTE!!!

Monday Evening – Moore County Democratic Party at Sandhill Community College

Big group at sandhillscc for the #MooreCounty Meet the Candidates forum. Great event


From Facebook:

At Moore Cty Democratic Party mtg to hear Clay Aiken.
… I thought he did a good job–handled questions well. Mr. Crisco spoke also–impressive resume (Harvard Business School, White House Fellow, NC Sec. of Commerce), but another boring old guy. Doug thinks his gravitas wd help him across party lines. Clay showed that he has studied the issues and continues to do so–going to ft.bragg for a few days next wk to learn more.


If you visit twitter and Instagram, you know that there were many more messages and pictures.

If you are in the area, be sure and stop by for the official campaign open house today, March 18, at 5:30pm at Clay’s new office!

The address is 300 Parkthrough Drive, Cary, NC.

If you go, please take lots of pictures and share them with us!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Busy Every Minute Of The Day

  1. Oh how I wish I lived in Raleigh, I mean Cary! I'd be stuffing envelopes but not sure about making phone calls, lol. Sure am jealous of those that live close!! Clay for Congress!!

  2. Love all the news about Clay, sounds like he's doing great on the campaign trail, God bless him, love all the pics. Thanks ladies.

  3. Just a moment to say thank you for all the information you post here every day! It certainly makes it easy for all of your readers.

    It is fun to read about all the people who are so excited to see and meet Clay. He is an amazing man who will make a difference.

  4. I just read that Clay's polling numbers are much greater than the other 2 who are running against him. Can hardly wait to see what May voting will bring. When folks meet Clay face to face, they can't help but see how knowledgeable he is on the issues. Thanks for keeping us up to date on Clay's appearances.

    • Emily…did you see that we posted about the poll results this morning? We only send one e-mail in 24 hours, but we do post when the news becomes available.

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