Clay Aiken – Poll News!!

What an exciting way to start the day!!

You go, Clay!!



The weather must be really bad!  Do pass the word around!

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  1. How exciting to hear Clay is doing so well in the polls. His fans (Claymates) have always been loyal to him. He in return has been very loyal and appreciative of them. I'm sure he will be even more loyal to the people whom he is hoping to represent in NC. I hope voters can see that and get out to support him.

  2. It is so fun to read that Clay is topping the polls in his election. But, I am not surprised. Clay is a hard worker and puts his heart into everything he does. GO CLAY! Wish I could vote for you.

  3. These poll results are certainly what we wanted to see, but now the opposition will throw in all of their “artillery”. Clay has fresh ideas, does not trash the incumbents, is knowledgeable about current issues, and has fine-tuned his listening skills. He mingles with people of all ages and comes off as honest, sincere, and hard-working. I believe young and old realize Clay’s potential and will welcome his new goals for Congress. I also imagine there will be a tremendous backing by the younger generation.

    “Senator Aiken” will endeavor to create inroads of change in today’s “me, me, me” Congressional rationale. Let’s not let down our guard, but continue to support Clay’s campaign in every way we can.

  4. So proud of Clay, he's such a good wholesome man, hope he gets in and nice to see he's ahead in the polls, way to go Clay! Thanks ladies.

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