Clay Aiken – In The Center of The State


Tuesday was a busy and important day for Clay Aiken.  He spent the day in town of Sanford, North Carolina.  It was Clay Day in Lee County and Sanford is the county seat.

Trivia:  Did you know that Sanford is known throughout North Carolina as the direct center of the state.

Thank goodness for social media that helped spread the word about the day.  Most of the information came from twitter and Facebook.

The day started with a tweet from Team Clay:

Clay Aiken ‏@ClayForNC 
Great to meet with #SanfordNC Mayor @tcmann3 and talk economic development in Sanford and Lee County. (TC: Next time, tweet a picture, please???)

According to reports, Clay visited with many of the store owners in Sanford.  He had a few “selfies” taken:

Hollie Young Selfie with Clay Aiken — at The Fairview Dairy Bar.

James Thompson:  My niece Sarah speaking politics with Clay Aiken.

We had a nice chat

Look who we ran across in Sanford #clayaiken

Team Clay posted one more tweet:

Clay Aiken ‏@ClayForNC 
Talking issues with folks in #SanfordNC. Great way to end a day in #LeeCounty.

Then Team Clay updated their Facebook page with the following message:

Great day in Sanford. Talked economic development with Mayor Chet Mann, met with folks at the Lee County Democratic Party headquarters to discuss some of the important issues facing the Second District, and got to grab a bite at the The Fairview Dairy Bar!

Chris V. Rey, the mayor of Spring Lake commented:

Mayor Chris V. Rey Great time tonight….Just proud you are our candidate.


Sometime during the day, Clay met with Will Doran from The Sanford Herald.  They had an extensive conversation about Clay’s political goals and discussed the points that are important to him. It was published on the Sanford Herald website in the evening.

The Sanford Herald – Aiken Outlines Congressional Aspirations

Congressional candidate Clay Aiken stopped by Sanford on Tuesday, meeting with Mayor Chet Mann and Democratic Party volunteers and having lunch at the Fairview Dairy Bar.

Aiken has two siblings, Jeff and Amy Parker, who graduated from Lee Senior High School in the late ’80s and early ’90s, although Aiken himself grew up in Raleigh. He had a short career in special education, both as an assistant to an autistic child and a substitute teacher for special education classes, before finding fame through the reality television show “American Idol.”…

Wesley Beeson | The Sanford Herald Clay Aiken, the Democratic candidate for the 2nd North Carolina Congressional District, stopped in Sanford Tuesday to meet with local officials.

… Aiken said education is the issue nearest and dearest to his heart, and he’d like to see changes at both the state and federal levels.

Aiken said he is opposed to efforts to standardize education through testing and performance-based pay tied to test results, and that he would like to see a federal version of the Teaching Fellows program that North Carolina recently discontinued…

…He also said he would support efforts to help low-income families, including raising the minimum wage or reforming the Earned Income Tax Credit program, which supports low-income working families. Aiken said he favors expanding the program and extending benefits to people without children. He said it incentivizes work over unemployment by only aiding people who have an income.

The entire article is excellent and you can read the full article at SANFORDHERALD   While you are there, why not leave a comment, thanking the writer for the article. All writers enjoy getting comments.  It’s a way of thanking them. (Be sure and read the second paragraph carefully…the writer only talked about the siblings who graduated from Lee Senior High School.)

I hope Clay Day was a fun day for Clay and that he felt he was able to reach out to many people.  It is always fun to watch as Clay works each day in Congressional District 2.  He seems dedicated, knowledgeable, articulate and ready to reach out to those who will listen.

Thanks for your patience on Tuesday.  I thought we might get news throughout the day, but everything seemed to show up late in the day.  I am just glad that we get so much interesting news and pictures!

If Team Clay makes shirts, mugs, pens, etc. with the  Campaign Logo, would you likely buy something?



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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – In The Center of The State

  1. What a wonderful idea for contributing to Clay's campaign as well as having momentos of the general election! Voters from North Carolina and supporters from all over the country would have the opportunity to be part of Clay's march to Capitol Hill. Yes, yes, yes! I would purchase whatever items were offered!

  2. Thanks Musicfan for all the info from yesterday. I think Clay is busy today as well.

    I would definitely be interested in purchasing anything with Clay's logo on it. I'm Canadian, but I totally support him. More people like Clay are needed in politics.

  3. Yes, I would too! love this post Musicfan, Clay is everything that was said about him, a great guy, he would do so well in Congress.

  4. Oh HECK yeah!! I've already got the board for my lawn, but I put it in a frame instead, lol! Bring it on Clay!

  5. Absolutely!!!!! I did read the article The Stanford Herald. It was a great article BUT regarding his siblings last name is not Parker.

  6. Would absolutely LOVE to purchase something with Clay's campaign logo on it…but would have to rely on my American friends, as I am in Canada cheering from the cheap seats. 🙂

  7. Absolutely would love to buy t-shirts, mugs and whatever else. If we have an event, we can also sell a lot!

  8. For sure I'd love to have some campaign swag. Always room for more in my Clay collection. Wish I was in US so I could contribute but I'm sure there is a way around that by selling stuff. Here's hoping! He seems to be winning over voters the way he won our hearts just by showing what a great guy he is. 🙂

  9. Thanks for keeping us so well informed.
    Yes, I would love to have a mug with the logo on it. I have the sign in my office where everyone can see it when they walk by. Everyone is impressed that Clay is doing so well in his campaign. I just tell them "Once people get to know him and see how dedicated, articulate and intelligent he is, they believe he is the right person for the job."

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