Clay Aiken – From Pinehurst to Sanford And In Between!

What a full and exciting 4th of July for Clay Aiken, his family, friends and supporters.  From all the wonderful messages on Twitter and Facebook, we learned that Clay was all over the 2nd Congressional District in North Carolina.  He walked in some parades…he supported the Democratic party, he stood up for educators in the district and, he smiled and greeted so many wonderful people who were celebrating the birthday of the United States!  Oh, wait!!!  I forgot to mention the hundreds of “selfies” that he took on Friday!

Clay started the day out with a message:

Clay for North Carolina
Happy Independence Day! I’m grateful I get to spend this Fourth of July traveling with family and friends to counties across our district. And as we visit Fort Bragg today, my thoughts will be with those who are serving our country overseas and can’t be here with their families for the cookouts and fireworks. We are forever in their debt.

What a beautiful day to start an exciting day!

There are so many pictures and messages that I can’t possibly post them all…so, I will post some that give the idea of the busy day and some that I just like!  The others I will save for another day!

Clay walked in a parade in Pinehurst

Hope his shoes are comfortable!

Stop the parade – it’s time for a picture!

Perfect shirt for the day!

Harnett County Democratic Party Having a great time at Lillington fireworks.

Brooke Johnson Giallombardo: Wow! I’d forgotten what small town Independence Day celebrations were like! Clay Aiken is here and you’d think it was the second coming, lol.

Yes, he was shaking hands and kissing babies . He’s a nice guy, I have nothing against him at all. I just thought it was hilarious to see him at this tiny little 4th of July celebration and the people lined up to shake his hand and have pics taken. He had his little boy here and I’ll say that he was an AWESOME dad though, always put his little boy first

Clay Aiken @ClayForNC Had a great time in #HarnettCounty! Now to Sanford for fireworks! #July4th

Clay Aiken @ClayForNC Ended our #4thofJuly with fireworks at Ammons Farm in Sanford. Thanks for having us, @cindyammons!


Lots of smiles and lots of miles!  I hope that Clay, his family and team all get lots of rest too!

If you missed it, I did a mid-day post on Friday.  You can see it on page 2.

Do you have a favorite picture?

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  1. I’m so glad Clay had a great day meeting everyone. I’m even more excited he got to share the day with Parker. Love it! 🙂

  2. I loved all the photos of Clay on the Fourth of July !!!! It warms my heart to see him with many people, young and old. For me seeing him in a small town in our great nation mingling with Americans is as good as it gets. I can tell that love for Clay is everywhere and how much he loves his district, state and nation. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  3. I am so glad that someone mentioned Parker. I know we are not suppose to talk about him, but I always wonder if Parker is in NC with Clay and if so, is he aware that his dad is running for Congress. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. WOW!! What a busy day for Clay. As I checked the sites yesterday they were loaded with pictures. I knew that in turn would give you a busy day. Great job!!! Is that really Parker with him in the last photo? He looks great and people seemed to enjoy having him there. Good job Clay and you too Musicfan!!

    • No one asked me to delete the picture. It was my decision. There was some question about the source and I always want to make sure of the source. If I get the information, I may post it again.

      • Thanks for you response. I was just curious. I would love to see a picture of Parker.. I thought Clay may have changed his mind on showing pictures of him now that he is an official candidate You do a wonderful job with this site. THANKS.

  5. As I read this article and viewed the photos, my pride in Clay was elevated yet again. No matter the task, he strives to do his utmost. What places Clay ahead of everyone is his complete honesty and fairness, his sincere love of people, his unrelenting compassion for the disadvantaged, his keen sense of right and wrong, his refusal to degrade even the most obnoxious, and his ability to create absolute trust and sheer joy wherever he goes. He is one of the most exceptional individuals on this planet! And I had to smile when I read a person in the crowd said he was impressed that Clay had actually come to talk about the needs of his district rather than ranting against his competition.

    Yes, it is exciting that Clay has Parker with him, and I hope we have gotten just a tiny glimpse. Clay is an outstanding dad, and I am convinced he will nurture his son to follow in his footsteps. I am also confident that Parker will one day turn many heads.

    Thanks, Musicfan, for the first-rate coverage!!!

  6. Great job as usual, Musicfan……and , of course, Clay is working as hard as ever and looks great.

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