Clay Aiken Hosts A Military Roundtable

On Tuesday, August 5th, Clay Aiken was interviewed in Dunn, NC by Tom Woerner of the The Daily Record.  On Wednesday, the interview was posted on the internet and also published in the print addition of the Daily Record.  There were two parts of the interview that stood out to me.

… Mr. Aiken said he would accept an offer from a Raleigh media outlet to debate Mrs. Ellmers, who lives in Dunn when not representing the area in Washington. The incumbent has not said publicly whether or not she will accept the invitation. Mr. Aiken said the public deserves to hear from the candidates in the race.
“They need to see us stand up next to each other and answer the same questions,” Mr. Aiken said. “Voters have the right to hear us.”

Mr. Aiken said he is ready to discuss multiple issues with the people and with his opponent….


He said he has people of all po­litical parties who are encourag­ing him.

“People of all parties are tired of the same old thing in Washing­ton,” he said. “People are fed up with nothing happening in Con­gress to make their life better…”

I like that Clay  is not afraid to speak up on the things that he thinks are important.  And I certainly agree that Representative Renee Ellmers  needs to step up and debate Clay.  With almost four years in The House of Representatives, she should be more than prepared.  You can read the entire interview at DAILYRECORD


Clay Aiken spent Wednesday in Cumberland County.  It was a busy day! Clay started the day with a tweet:

Clay Aiken ‏@ClayForNC In Cumberland County today. Great to tour the courthouse with Sheriff Butler and meet with the staff! #ncpol #nc02

Just met Clay Aiken at work! #justanotherdayattheoffice #americanidol #clayaiken

Clay’s next stop was posted on Facebook:

A surprise visit for Clay Aiken today as we were packing book bags for homeless school children in Cumberland County. #clayniak


Clay ended the busy day with another picture and tweet.

Clay Aiken @ClayForNC Hosting a military roundtable in #Fayetteville this evening. We have retired generals, state legislators, council members, a mayor, military spouses, and a great group of veterans and community leaders. Perfect event to ask questions, learn, and bring our community together to fight for Fayetteville and Fort Bragg. #ncpol #nc02

Now this is what a “real” representative should do.  You bring together people from every side of a problem.  They get together to talk, listen, discuss and problem solve and then work together to find a way to fix the problem.  Are you paying attention Washington DC???


I found some interesting facts about the relationship between the military and the state of North Carolina:

Commonly known as the “most military friendly state,” North Carolina is home to:

  • The 3rd highest active duty presence in the United States (1: California 2: Texas)
  • 6 major installations: Fort Bragg, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, USMC Camp Lejeune, MCAS Cherry Point,
    MCAS New River & US Coast Guard Base Elizabeth City
  • 110,000 active duty military personnel
  • 29,000 National Guard and Reserve personnel
  • 18,000 annual military transitions into civilian world
  • 769,000 veterans across all 100 NC counties


With more than 10 percent of the Army located at the installation, Fort Bragg has a daytime population of over 70,000 military and civilian employees. As an engine for economic growth, Fort Bragg has an annual economic impact on the surrounding 11-county region of over $10.8 billion (2013).

I had no idea that the military was such an important part of the state of North Carolina.  For more facts about the military in North Carolina, click HERE

It is always a pleasure to watch Clay as he travels throughout District 2, listening, learning and impressing the citizens of the district.  

I can’t wait to see what today will bring!



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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Hosts A Military Roundtable

  1. So happy to see how Clay is out campaigning daily & with ALL types of people, and all ages. Momentum is going his way for sure. Still don't understand what is up with Renee. Certainly she must see how bad this is making her look. Also looks like Clay is growing his hair a little longer. He looks great but he has to be beat at the end of some days.
    As always great job musicfan!

  2. What a busy, busy man, Clay is. Thanks Musicfan for bringing us all this information. It really exactly what a Representative should be doing….Listening to the people of his district. The people in NC02 would have a gem in Clay….

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