“So, I Just Met Clay Aiken. Day. Made.”


On Tuesday, August 5, 2014, Clay Aiken attended the 13th Annual North Carolina Defense and Economic Development Trade Show.  Held at Fayetteville Technical Community College, the event was hosted Senator Richard Burr, and Senator Kay Hagan. The event is considered North Carolina’s premier defense trade show.

FTCC President Dr. Keen greets @clayaiken as he enters the @NCMBC #NCDTS.

According to the Trade Show website:

“The Defense Trade Show is an important event for North Carolina businesses and employees and a boon for the public-private partnership in the defense industry,” said Senator Burr. “North Carolina proudly hosts a large military presence in our state, and it is important that our state’s businesses get connected with defense contractors and DoD officials.”

North Carolina is home to the third largest military presence, six major military bases and the finest higher education system in the country. Home to world-renowned research, development and manufacturing capacity, North Carolina is strategically positioned to become and remain a leader in the worldwide defense industry.

clayfornc: Thanks to @faytechcc and #NCMBC for letting me join in for today’s NC Defense & Economic Development Trade Show. Great event to support the military community and NC business! #NCDTS #ncpol #nc02


It is always fun to see tweets that support Clay and recognize that he is learning, talking and supporting the people of District 2.

Mayor Chris V. Rey @ChrisRey4NC
At a defense trade show in Fayetteville. Great 2 see @clayaiken supporting the defense industry. Who is not here is his opponent.

Mayor Chris V. Rey ‏@ChrisRey4NC · 
The 2nd Congressional District of NC has a strong active military and veterans presence. I’m a veteran and I support @clayaiken

I am so glad that Clay made a visit to this important Trade Show.  It shows that he cares about his home state of North Carolina.  Interesting…I didn’t see any mention or pictures of Representative Renee Ellmers at the event.


From Fayetteville to the town of Dunn, NC…  According to twitter and Facebook, Clay stopped into Sherry’s Bakery for some lunch.  I bet it was good! The community seemed happy to see him!!

Tammy Jacona Murphy Hi FB look who I just met. Being next to the bakery definately has it’s advantages.please vote for Clay Aiken in nov

Tammy’s friend commented: Bessie Mclaughlin He have my family vote  Bessie Mclaughlin And am start tellin everone around here so they can tell the people at church and other church they go to we had already said we were voting for him.

Kim Clardy Never know who you will meet in little ol’ Dunn! Clay Aiken came in for lunch today at Sherry’s Bakery

Emily Byrd –  Um, so I just met Clay Aiken. Day. Made.

It looks like Clay might have picked up some votes today!!

 It seems like Tuesday was a busy, but important day for Clay.

It is so interesting following his campaign.

I enjoy seeing the places he visits and the people he meets.

What a smart man!

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4 thoughts on ““So, I Just Met Clay Aiken. Day. Made.”

  1. Clay is literally everywhere!!! I can’t imagine how strenuous his itinerary is, but I know his willingness to meet and greet the people of his district proves his sincerity and work ethic in creating legislation that will edify his state. It certainly appears he is well-received and is gathering an encouraging number of votes. I honestly don’t believe there is anyone else who has his attributes. Clay is without doubt the man for this Congressional seat!

  2. Yes he is a very smart man! I'm so happy to see that everyone is starting to see it too. He needs to keep the momentum going. He looks and sounds great. CLAY FOR NC

    Thanks Musicfan

  3. Lovely pics, Clay is a real people person, I envy all those ladies in the pics,. Clay looks great and happy. Clay for Congress!!
    Thanks Martha xox

  4. You just made my day with this post. Good photos & comments about Clay. To meet him is to love him and cast a vote for him in Nov.

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