Clay Aiken – “I Just Learned To Ignore”

A few years ago, Clay Aiken was gracious enough to answer questions from his fans on his Official Fan club. One serious question stood out and Clays answer was amazing.

This was the question:

I’ve gotten bullied my whole life even at times as an adult. I try to ignore people such as co workers and such but it’s not easy at all. How were you able to develop such a thick skin? Any advice?

And Clay’s wonderful answer:

As unbelievably hard as it is to do, I just learned to ignore. I don’t think that the term “thick-skin” really applies to me.

If I pay attention to negativity, it still hurts my feelings. I don’t think anyone is impervious to that type of pain. Therefore, I found the best way to deal with it is to ignore it.

There has NEVER been a case that I have EVER seen where bullying is not a DIRECT result of the insecurities of the bully themselves.

People who are happy with themselves don’t have any reason to spend their time cutting down other people. In almost EVERY situation, I have found that when someone is mean to someone else because of a trait they don’t care for it is because they have insecurities about themselves and want to make others feel bad for the rush of superiority it gives them. When you let that person affect your attitude in anyway, it gives them dominion over you…which is exactly what they want.

Ignoring is hard…REALLY hard, but one of three things will happen as a result of ignoring those who are nasty to you.

  1. They will see that they no longer affect you and they will stop.
  2. Others will see that they no longer affects you, and they will stop encouraging the bullying…or…and most powerfully…
  3. You’re ignoring will allow you to spend your time focusing on things that make you happy and make you feel good about yourself, and you honestly won’t even notice the haters anymore.

Trust me…it works!!


The title of this article should be all that needs to be said. It’s a good reminder to every fan that when you write something negative on a public webpage it has the potential to hurt feelings. My philosophy is “never write something on the web that you wouldn’t say to a person face to face!”



Now that the week-end is over, I am sure we will be getting lots of news about Clay and his campaign.

 It’s another busy week for him.  So…I hope you will check back.  I will post the news as soon as it becomes available.


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “I Just Learned To Ignore”

  1. Clay is by far the best at showing how to rise above bullying. He walks the walk and talks the talk. Never looks down on anyone. Speaks to you, not through you. He shines in all he does. He has, still does & always will lead by example. What an honorable man.

  2. Isn't he amazing? We all know he is! Fortunately I don't remember being bullied in school even tho I probably was at times. Everybody gets negative comments from classmates now and again. I can't imagine it happening to others on a daily basis. Clay gave us some great advice. Ignore, ignore, ignore! Love him! Clay For Congress!! 78 days!!!

  3. What great advice, Clay is such wonderful and wise man, that is why we are such great fans of Clay, he' s a great role model for us. God bless you Clay, you are a good Christian. thanks Martha xox.

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