Clay Aiken – A Wonderful Sunday Afternoon!

I was lucky enough to spend my Sunday afternoon at the Auman Orchard in Moore County, North Carolina.

The Ice Cream Social was an exciting and successful event.  I was told they expected between 100 to 150  people…instead, there were about 200 people there.  And yes, the fresh homemade Peach Ice Cream was as good as it sounds!  What a treat.

There were people of all ages there…some families with small children, some active senior citizens, and many working adults who want to see change in their district.

Cousin Amy’s Deluxe Old Time String Band was the entertainment for the event.  This talented group played some fun songs and added a festive touch to the event.

I had the opportunity to talk to so many interesting people as I helped collect donations, gave out Clay For North Carolina stickers and just listened to people who were excited to support Clay as a Candidate for U.S. Congress – District 2. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

There were many local democratic leaders in attendance and many spoke encouraging words about the upcoming election…but the word of the afternoon was VOTE

Clay arrived with other people from his campaign and immediately started moving around the crowd to shake hands and say hello to as many district 2 voters as he could.  Each person seemed pleased to have a minute of his time.

Clay’s speech was excellent.  He presented himself and his political ideas with passion, humor, intelligence and determination.  He even asked some questions of the audience to make the presentation an inter-active event.

SueReu was kind enough to share some of her pictures of the event with CANN.  I hope that if you use them, you will credit her.  She was asked by one of the hostesses of the event to take lots of pictures. I think we will see many more when she get back to her home.


Fresh peaches at the Auman Orchard

A talented member of Cousin Amy’s Deluxe Old Time String Band

Clay tried to meet each person at the event!

A future voter in District 2

Listening intently !

Even in the wind, Clay spoke with great expression!

Clay made many important statements!


Now, really….Everyone needs to vote for Clay!   AND…if you can’t vote for him, consider sending his campaign a few more dollars.  It’s crunch time and I want to see this intelligent, passionate man make changes in D.C.  DONATE


I am leaving North Carolina very early Monday morning.  Hopefully I will be able to use my computer in the airport to say hi!  If not, I will check in when I get home.

A big thank you to each and every one of you for your support of CANN and for all the wonderful greetings and hugs over this past week-end!  You are the best!

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  1. Oh Martha and Sue and new friend Valerie. Had the best time and my bucketlist is now complete. I managed to get a selfie with Clay. He was more intent on talking to the voters and taking pictures with them, but to my delight he was kind enough to take one with me. I stepped aside and watched him do his magic for the rest of the time he was there. He was awesome! I sure wish I lived in his area because I would vote for him! Now to get some sleep! I am beat! Long day! Thanks musicfan I had a wonderful time!

  2. Glad you ladies had such a good time. I would like to see all the "Selfies".

    Wonderful job Musicfan, you are the Bomb!!!!

  3. Wonderful pics, thanks so much Sue Rue for the pics and Martha for this wonderful post, love it! xox

  4. The fresh peaches looks so yummy too! Love, love, love the pictures! Clay has gained some weight but sure looks as handsome as ever… Thanks for all the wonderful updates Musicfan. Have a safe trip back home!!!

  5. So glad you were able to top off the fabulous weekend with the Peach Ice Cream festival. I hope that Clay is aware of how much you do to keep us up to date on all that he is doing. Are you getting some well needed rest in your own bed this afternoon? Thanks to SueRue for her photos, not just this weekend, but all the time.

  6. I agree Martha, you go above & beyond always!! I too hope Clay is aware of all you do. Thanks so much. Also SueRue Thanks for all the beautifu picturres!!

  7. im glad you woman had a good time wonderfull pics sue rue and wonderfull job again music fan you are indeed the bomb

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