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Bring out the jackets and rakes and get ready to go apple picking. Enjoy watching the trees as the leaves start to change their color from green to yellow. Say goodbye to summer: The Northern Hemisphere’s autumnal equinox—the first day of fall—occurred on Monday, September 22.

The First Day of fall starts as the sun is directly on the Equator of the Earth and the hours of day and night will be equal.

The first day of fall marks the start of shorter days and longer nights as well.

So,  if you are in the Northern Hemisphere countries, a very happy fall to you!


This was a very long travel day for me so, if you don’t mind, I am just going to share some wonderful pictures with you.  I will be back to regular posting the next time!!  A HUGE Thank you to all the wonderful photographers who shared all the fabulous pictures with us! You are all wonderful!  (Cloopy, GayMarie, SueReu, Canfly 172, Nickikiwi and all the others)

From TeamClay


Now…this is so cute!!!


Founder’s Reception – Gala From Nicki

Founder’s Reception – Gala By Nicki


I hope you will check in later for up-to-date information on Clay’s political Campaign!

 Today should be an exciting day!!

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  1. Thank you Martha for all the pictures! I love all you do for us everyday to keep up with Clay. You are the best

  2. Third photo from the top… I'm confused. I thought he was a Democrat, but the sign says Republaiken. What's up with that? Did he switch?

    • Notice how it is spelled. I think it is saying that Republicans can vote for Clay. He is in their corner, too. Clay is for all Carolinians.

  3. Yea, I love waking up to pictures!!!! Thanks to everyone for all of these wonderful pictures.

    I try to stay away from negativity. So I have been staying away from Twitter for the last few days. It bothers me that the Washington Post reporter could write such a great article about Clay not mentioning "quote" re "Celebs deserve what they get". Not in article then released later. Social media is ripping Clay to shreds. I go on daily only to post 1 positive post then leave site. I believe in Karma. Can anyone explain this to me? Why?

  4. Musicfan you are the best. Thank you for keeping us updated. I'm just sorry I didn't get to meet you this past weekend. I'm still in awe of the whole weekend. Magnificent is the only way to describe it!!!!!

  5. Absolutely love the wonderful pictures!!! Thank you so much to all the lovely ladies who took them and of course to you Musicfan for posting and sharing it with us. I was surprised to see Clay in shorts (still khaki, his favorite nowadays i think) and he was so cute!!! And look at that gorgeous green eyes… Well it shows that he's really happy and enjoying every minute of his campaign because it shows. He looks great!!! Clay for NC:)

  6. Yes, Musicfan,you are the best, love love those photos, thanks again for all you do for us. Xox

  7. Clay seemed to be thinking deep thoughts in some of the photos. I notice he does not wear laces in his tennis shoes either. I think if Clay had a choice, it would be flip flops all the time.

    • hi emily i just now noticed clay doest have laces in his tennis shoes and yes emily i also see clays been thinking deep thoughts i wonder what clay is thinking

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