Clay Aiken – Meeting Interested Voters!


On Saturday, September 6, 2014, the Moore County Democratic Party hosted a luncheon at the Pinehurst Country Club.  The 11:30am event was filled with prominent North Carolina democrats and many interested voters.

The Keynote Speaker at the luncheon was North Carolina Senate Minority Leader, Dan Blue.  But to many in attendance, the speech by Clay Aiken was a highlight of the event.

Moore County presented a beautiful setting for the luncheon.  The Pinehurst Country Club is known though out the world for its beautiful clubhouse and pristine grounds.

Inside the Carolina Vista area, the tables were set beautifully with blue and red tablecloths, white napkins and colorful table decorations.

Each person received a lovely printed program.

After the event, Clay sent a tweet with a great picture:

Beautiful day in Pinehurst. Great to speak to the Moore County Dems. #ncpol #nc02

Congratulations to the Moore County Democratic Party for hosting such a important event.  Everything seemed so organized and beautiful and those in attendance received some important information about the up-coming elections in November.  And, congratulations to Clay Aiken who undoubtedly  won lots of votes because of his presentation. To see more pictures of the event, visit MCDP

So…what’s on the calendar today?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Meeting Interested Voters!

  1. Wow, I am impressed that the luncheon went so well! Where is the clack of the speech? Oh wait, nevermind, lol….just kidding….they just don't know how to share do they! We are so spoiled because the fans were so happy to record anything Clay did. I'm looking forward to hearing about more gatherings such as this now that the countdown is in full swing. Can't wait to see some good ads! Townhall meetings, yay!! Bring em on Clay! Once again musicfan, thanks for bringing this great information to all of us!! Hugs for ya!!

  2. Thanks for bringing us this news and photos. How ever do you find all of this? I like that Clay was one of the first speakers. People would be alert and attentive near the beginning of the presentations. Pinehurst is a beautiful and important setting for this luncheon.

  3. Wonderful post Martha, I enjoy all the news always. Time is sure getting short for the election, sure hope Clay gets in.

  4. Thanks for the posts musicfan!! Clay is looking so handsome and very relaxed. I think that is what helps him relate to so many types of people. Onward Team Clay!!! 57 days until election (yikes).

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