Clay Aiken – Working For The People Of District 2.

The birthstone for November is the topaz. The birth flower for November is the chrysanthemum.

On November 6, 1869, the first intercollegiate football game was played in the United States between Rutgers and Princeton.

AND…it’s Peanut Butter Lovers Month


Although yesterday was Halloween, Clay Aiken was busy meeting people though out District 2 in North Carolina.  Clay stopped in Fayetteville to meet early voters at the North Regional Branch Library and then took time to talk with many citizens who need someone to stand up for them in Washington D.C.

But, it looks like Clay had a bit of fun too as he met some people celebrating Halloween:

My girls supporting Clay Aiken

Be sure and check out sticker man in the background.  “DisplacedNCgirl” isolated the Blue Sticker Man!!

Blue Sticker Man Well, it’s Halloween!!

Talking to Blue Sticker Man!!


Halloween didn’t slow down the press.  They were busy dissecting every moment of the Campaign. is headquartered in Burlington, NC.  Writer, Chris Lavender, published the following article late Friday: – Ellmers, Aiken, Battle Down Stretch In Independent District.

Republican U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers and Clay Aiken, her Democratic challenger for the U.S. House District 2 seat, made stops in Alamance County this week sharing their campaign messages hoping to sway undecided voters before Election Day.

Ellmers, 50, made a campaign stop with Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson in Graham, while Aiken, 35, hosted a town hall meeting at the Shoffner Building in Snow Camp. Both candidates said they liked their chances of victory Tuesday.

Ellmers said her campaign’s internal polling numbers have shown she maintains a lead over Aiken. Aiken said his campaign stopped spending money on polling in September, opting instead to travel and  meet with voters…

…AIKEN SAID DURING the town hall meeting he believed he would be an effective legislator, would help constituents seeking benefits cut through the red tape of Washington, and would be an advocate for those who need a voice.

Aiken was born and raised in Raleigh. He attended public schools in Wake County and took classes at Campbell University after graduation from high school. Aiken later worked as a local YMCA camp counselor and started an after-school program at Brentwood Elementary School. He later taught special education classes for children with autism.

Aiken later studied special education at UNC-Charlotte. In 2003, he competed on American Idol’s second season, and he placed second.

In 2004, Aiken was asked by The United Nations Children’s Fund to become an ambassador for education programs. He has helped raise more than $1 million to help fund UNICEF programs. Aiken also established The National Inclusion Project, which allows children with disabilities to participate in after-school programs in 39 states.

Aiken said he decided to run for political office because he became frustrated with what he believed was a lack of leadership in Washington.

“Politics for the last four or five years, they have been playing the blame game,” Aiken said. “I decided to run having ideas to solve problems.”

Aiken said if elected he would seek to serve on the Veterans Affairs Committee and believed supporting the military families in District 2 was important. Serving all those in the district would be a priority for Aiken.

“There are 780,000 people in the district, and I have to speak up for them,” Aiken said.

Aiken discussed his views on immigration reform as well during the town hall meeting. He doesn’t believe children of undocumented immigrants brought to the United States should be penalized, and that if all of the undocumented immigrants were rounded up and sent back to their counties, it would have a negative impact on the nation’s economy.

Aiken said he would support allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the country and find a way for them to pay taxes to support the system. Securing the border should still be on the agenda for the nation’s lawmakers.

“If we don’t secure the border first, then we will find ourselves having the same discussion in 30 years with people coming in,” Aiken said.

With only a few days left before the election, Aiken said he felt energized and would continue to make campaign stops.

“I have spent a lot of time on the road living on that bus,” Aiken said. “I recognize this district has skewed conservative in past presidential elections.”

Aiken said he believed that voters in the 2014 election will vote for the person regardless of political affiliation.

“It’s an independent district,” Aiken said.

The article has a full section on Rep Ellmers in the article also.  If you would like to read it, click HERE  The pictures are added by me!!


This is the last week-end before election day on November 4th.  

I would guess that Clay Aiken will be very busy, listening, chatting and working for the people of District 2.

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