Clay Aiken – He Makes Us Smile!

So…Wednesday…just a normal day…well, until 8:30 pm (pacific time).  Clay Aiken posted a tweet that brought lots of smiles to his supporters!

Just took online quiz called “Which former American Idol contestant r u?” Result was Having real identity issues right now.

And guess who saw his tweet and responded??

Omg   hilarious RT : Just took online quiz called “Which former American Idol (cont)

Thanks, Clay, for the fun tweet!!!


Wednesday brought a lot of promotion for The Runner Up, the docu-series about Clay Aiken and his Congressional run in 2014.  The show will be broadcast on the Esquire Network in April.

On Wednesday, posted a short video-clip of the show. Although it is only a few seconds long, it is great to see.  I have tried to embed the video but have been unsuccessful so I will do the next best thing.  I will post a link to the video-clip and then add some screen caps from the show (thank you to DisplacedNCgirl for the screen caps).  You can see the video at ESQUIRE

I am looking forward to this exciting program!!


Lightbox is the company that is producing The Runner-up. The following is from their website:

LIGHTBOX is a multi-platform media company dedicated to producing the highest quality non fiction content for the international market.  Drawing on the experience and shared vision of its founders, Jonathan Chinn and Simon Chinn , our goal is to provide the best original programming for forward-thinking buyers who want to bring new audiences to non-fiction by innovating with both the form of documentary storytelling and the way in which it’s exploited. Lightbox is closely aligned to its sister company, Red Box Films, which continues to produce feature documentaries for theatrical release.

Lightbox posted on Twitter on Wednesday about The Runner-Up.

People are talking about us…Our new series coming to a TV near u on !

 Lightbox also added information about The Runner-up on their website.  It includes a fun picture and a nice article.
The Runner-up
Esquire Network will premiere an exclusive, all-access look at one of the most unique political campaigns of the 2014 mid-term elections – the improbable Congressional run of American Idol star Clay Aiken. Produced by Academy Award-winner Simon Chinn (Man On Wire, Searching for Sugar Man) and Emmy Award-winner Jonathan Chinn (30 Days, American High) through their company Lightbox, the four-hour original documentary series THE RUNNER-UP is set to premiere on Esquire Network in April 2015….
You can read the entire article at LIGHTBOX .   You need to scroll down to see the article and picture.  And, while you are there, why not check out some of the other things on the site.  It is very impressive.
Now, what are the chances of getting one of those great buttons?
How about a poster??
Are you excited about the Docu-series?
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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Makes Us Smile!

  1. I giggled like a school girl when I saw Clay’s tweet!!! That was sooo funny! He sure can be a riot! Loved the articles on the website and can’t WAIT for this series to begin on April 15th!!!

  2. I can't wait to see this series. I love that Clay is back in the news.I really like the picture for the series but I am NOT a fan of the bubble gum. I absolutely love the picture I think he looks amazing, BUT I'm afraid he will be getting plenty of criticism for the gum. I really do love the picture though.

    • The bubble gum picture is the same one that was used for Robert Redford in the movie, The Candidate. I am sure they are trying to tie it together and it is not at all serious.

      • Ohhhhh. I just hate when people attack him for least now I get it. Thanks for explaining the gum! He is so handsome.

  3. Clay’s campaign certainly did reveal the serious, intellectual, and meticulous side of his distinctive personality. He is a chameleon flashing a kaleidoscope of colors according to his purposes with a creativity that has continually caught me off-guard and to which there appears to be no end to its depths. Clay’s finest work will always be his next shocking endeavor!

  4. I like the poster tie in but they pasted Clay's head on possibly Robert Redford's body. Those are not Clay's hands.

  5. those arent clays hands on that poster those hands might belong to actor robert redferd ilove clays tweet so amazingley funny what a riot

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