Clay Aiken – Sharing Just A Moment!


Happy Sunday to All!  it’s going to be a great day!

On Saturday, I was hoping we might have some pictures, tweets, or selfies of Clay Aiken.  But….no luck.  I assume that American Idol shut it down so that the TV show will be a great surprise.

Every time I think of Clay/American Idol, I remember this special moment!


Late in the evening, Clay surprised his followers by periscoping from a private home concert.  Clay chatted for a few minutes and then sang one song: Somewhere from Westside Story!  The selection of the song was probably a request from the audience. What a treat!  And a big thank you to Clay and the audience for letting us in to a moment of the evening!

Periscope is wonderful, but there are a few restrictions.  Remember, the video is only available for 24 hours.  I have both a twitter and Periscope membership so I have no problem seeing it.  If the link I add to this post does not work for you, I suggest going to Clay’s twitter to see the video….or maybe you have a periscope account.

The Saturday night performance is worth getting a twitter/periscope account. Try it!  The following are a couple of screen caps from the wonderful Floridaiken.


OK……..Hopefully this link will allow you to see the video.  But….if it doesn’t try twitter!  And have a fabulous day!




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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Sharing Just A Moment!

  1. Oh my that was fun to watch and watch and watch again, lol!! When I heard the tweet then checked to see Clay was periscoping I ran to my ipad and watched it. He even gave us all a few minutes to log on to hear and see him sing it!! It was wonderful to hear that gorgeous voice once again!!! EEEEE!

  2. Clay singing "Somewhere" was so wonderful! That voice cut deep into my soul; I couldn't stop watching it over and over again! My phone was tweeting and I literally ran to see and hear OMC belting out a Broadway tune!

  3. This was the first time ever I got Periscope to work. How exciting that THIS was the one!! What can I say absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Martha

  4. So glad I finally signed up for Periscope. That was fantastic!!

    That was a great moment on AI also. That’s when I became s Clay fan.

  5. That was awesome!!! Thanks so much Martha 🙂 I'm so happy I'm able to watch it (over and over and over again) through CANN since I haven't been able to get the periscope app yet…
    It's truly wonderful hearing him sing again.

    Thanks CANN!!!

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