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Do you know Meghan McCain?

Meghan is the daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain.  She is a national radio personality and author.

In July 2015, McCain joined Premiere Networks as host of the nationally syndicated radio program America Now,which broadcasts live each weekday on more than 100 affiliates. The program is also available on iHeartRadio. At the same time, McCain signed on as a FOX News contributor.

On Tuesday,   Clay Aiken was a guest on America Now With Meghan McCain.  It started with a tweet:

On @americanowradio today – my friend @clayaiken is coming on to talk #2016 and his run for Congres, @Olivianuzzi & @GingerGibson are on!

Clay chatted with Meghan for over an hour.  They talked about Clay’s 2014 campaign.

Clay told the story about when he was campaigning on the bus and a woman driver stopped and waited for the bus to pull alongside her so she could shout to tell him she was not voting for him.

Another topic of discussion was Donald Trump.  Because Clay worked with Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, people seem to want his opinion on Trump.

Clay did tell Meghan that he wants Joe Biden to run and feels that he is respected by both Democrats and Republicans.  Clay said that he is concerned about Hillary Clinton.

Meghan seemed to really like and respect Clay. She invited him back anytime. Meghan said people should take him seriously and that he should run again. Meghan closed the show by telling Clay he should be on a cable news show.

So far, there are only 2 rather fuzzy pictures of Clay in the studio with Meghan.

Megan McCain and Clay Aiken (…and my reflection). #radio #iHeart #iHeartRadio #NYC #Studio

The following link to the show was working Tuesday night.  I hope it will work for you.  I didn’t sign up but they give you the opportunity to hear it through FaceBook  and that’s how I listened.  Please let me know in the comments area if the link doesn’t work and I will try and find another way for you to hear Clay speak!



I was reminded on Tuesday about why I follow Clay Aiken.

 His generosity and love for his fans is amazing.

 I wish Clay the best…whatever road he chooses in the future.

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Take Him Seriously

  1. I couldn't get it to work for me this morning, so hopefully we'll get a good link today. Thanks Martha! Yes indeed it was a wonderful Tuesday!! Clay loves his fans!! It was fun trying to figure out his tweet!!

    • I just tried the link I posted again and it works for me. Be sure you are using the link that I made which is just the word Meghan. You have choices when you get there…to either register or click on Facebook or twitter. I chose Facebook and it was easy.

  2. Loved the interview with Megan. Clay is just so darn smart and uses common sense. Here we have a Democrat, and a Republican…and they respect each other even though they have different views. You can work together, to make the country work. This is obviously what America needs now….Working together to make the country great…not tearing each other down….Way to go Clay!!!! You amaze me with your insite.

  3. I love Clay Aiken to bits and I love CANN!!! He has a big heart and lots of smarts to go with. Politics is a tough and controversial topic, he handles it with ease. Oh and he can sing like no other.

  4. It worked for me (yea). Clay is soooo smart & articulate. NC certainly got it wrong last year. I still think he would be a wonderful comitee member for some type of military organizations. I never did understand the tweet from last night. Any help?

  5. I so enjoyed listening to Clay on America Now. I got there through facebook. Clay is one smart, articulate guy. Every time he has been interviewed on a radio talk show, the host remarks how knowledgeable Clay is and they would like for him to return again.

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