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It is Tuesday and everything is going well.  We have some good news about Clay Aiken and that always makes for more fun!

A young lady named Jackie had an opportunity of a lifetime.  She is a huge fan of Clay Aiken and she got to sing for Clay on Sunday.  Not only did she sing, she got to chat with Clay and even got his autograph.  Jackie’s brother wrote the following on Facebook:

Great day in Philly today joining my sister for her ‪#‎AmericanIdol‬ auditions. I myself auditioned in support of her (and failed horribly). But the highlight of the day came when Jackie was invited to audition in front of one of her personal heroes, Clay Aiken. Being a major supporter of autism awareness, Clay was so proud and happy to see Jackie give it her all at the auditions, and even got up from his judging chair to have a one-on-one chat with her! Thanks to everyone who signed her ‪#‎AutismSings‬ poster! As Clay himself said to Jackie, she’s truly an inspiration to us all!

The following are a few pictures of this amazing visit!

Congratulations to Jackie. The reports from the event all say you were amazing. How exciting it must have been to have the opportunity to meet one of your personal heros!


On Monday morning, Clay sent the following tweet:

Hanging and talking with this afternoon on

Yes…Clay was on the radio yesterday!

Clay visited with John Fugelsang, the host of Tell Me Everything, a talk show on SiriusXM Insight. John is an actor, comedian, television personality and a frequent guest on political TV and radio shows. Before becoming an actor, John worked in Special Education for several years.

Clay and John talked for about 20 minutes.  It was obvious that John respected Clay and was glad to have him on the show.  We learned the following info:

1.  Clay’s mom is in New York with Parker so Clay can talk to John.

2. They talked about his congressional run and the political climate in NC.

3.  They talked about Donald Trump and both John and Clay think that Trump running is interesting.

4.  John said the time was too short and he hopes Clay will return for an hour chat.

5.  John was impressed with all that Clay has accomplished and was excited about the National Inclusion Project.

All and all, it was a great interview!

John is on the right

The following is a short part of the interview. Click on the bottom line of the tweet!

.@clayaiken spoke to @JohnFugelsang today about loving the ppl of North Carolina & how it hurt to not represent them …

Did you have a chance to hear Clay yesterday?

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “The Radio, the Radio…”

  1. Listened to the radio interview. Clay was very upset for losing the election and needed time to deal with the loss! Some people are misunderstanding what Clay is saying about Trump. He respects the fact that Trump is expressing what he believes, but disagrees with him about his policies. I want to know what these politicians really believe, so I can make a decision. No snow balling!
    Loving the photos of Clay, especially the one where he talk to the female contestant personally! I'm sure it made her day and personally, it made mine!

  2. I did! These are the news days I like. All very interesting. I wonder if Clay is going to be at Little Rock too. I saw a short tweet with him stating "next WE move to Arkansas". I guess we will see.

  3. I did hear that part of the interview. Hoping we will get to hear the rest. It's been an exciting couple of days. Not surprised that John was impressed with Clay and glad to hear that he wants him to come back.

  4. Clay is a rare human being! Of all his talents, his compassion and honest desire to upgrade circumstances for the underprivileged in our society is his greatest! We have witnessed this side of Clay over and over again. He is a man who is not afraid to cry. To me, this is his most endearing character trait. I love him for his outreach!

  5. I did hear part of the interview with John and Clay yesterday..Looking forward to hearing the rest of it. Also loved the pictures of Clay at the AI auditions!!! He just warms my heart.

  6. Thanks for posting this interview. I don't have Sirius radio and would have missed Clay's interview. I do hope John Fugelsang will do an hour with Clay soon.

  7. clay was clearley upset for losing the election and i understand that i dint hear the interview i also dont have sirus radio

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