Clay Aiken – Showing Political Knowledge…And A Great Voice!


On 9/27/06, Clay Aiken appeared on KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles. He looked great and the hosts seemed  surprised by his  political knowledge and commentary.

The visit was just a week after his album, A Thousand Different Ways, was released.

I have posted three videos.  They are in order, but if you don’t have time to see them all, be sure and watch the last one.  It is my favorite with a lot of Clay singing and talking!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Showing Political Knowledge…And A Great Voice!

  1. Thanks, musicfan! I have not seen this before. Clay did a great interview and seemed a natural in front of the camera. Also enjoyed the tidbits of his singing!

  2. I remember this.interview I guess we should have seen the signs of political things to come. Interesting the foreshadowing.

  3. My computer must need an upgraded java because I can't see any of the video's, nor was I able to yesterday! Arrgh!

    • I do believe that you need to check that you have the latest upgrade of whatever you use to see the videos. I get notices to upgrade often and sometimes I ignore them and then I am in trouble!!

  4. Watching these videos has made my day. Never saw them before. Way back in 2006 Clay was really aware of what was going on politically, even more so than the KTLA anchors.

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