Clay Aiken – 3 Billion People-Really!

Can you believe…there are 7.2 billion people on the planet earth? Why mention that today? Because we are talking about something that everyone who reads this blog is involved in: Social Media and the numbers of people involved!

The statistics about social media are amazing. Did you know that:

  • There are just over 3 billion active Internet users
  • Nearly 2.1 billion people have social media accounts
  • The average Internet user is on about 4 hours & 25 minutes

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. I hope you will find these numbers about Facebook as interesting as I do.


  • 72% of online adults visit Facebook each month
  • 1.55 billion active users each day
  • Canada has the most active Facebook users
  • The average person spends more the 20 minutes every day on Facebook
  • 31% of U.S. senior citizens use Facebook
  • 27% of drivers admit that they check their Facebook page while driving

These numbers come from DMR – Digital Marketing Stats. If you want more information visit DMR

Clay Aiken has a professional Facebook page. He has written some serious articles, some short announcements, and some articles that are just for fun.

One of my favorite Facebook messages from Clay was written on June 27, 2015. It was a beautiful story about Clay’s good friend, Jerome and his beautiful daughter J’viera on her wedding day.

When was the last time you visited Clay’s Facebook Page. To see it, click on CLAYSPAGE

Did you know that CANN has a Facebook page too? I hope you will check it out!


Looks like an iPad

Facebook on a phone

Hmm! I guess you can play games on Facebook!

No Facebook here. It’s official “Birthday” is February 4, 2004

I guess it could be Facebook??!!??

Facebook??? It could be!


So…do you have a Facebook account?

 If so, how much time do you spend on it?

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 3 Billion People-Really!

  1. Yes, I have a facebook account! My family and my Clayfamily are on my facebook page! I check on it every evening after work! Because of facebook, I keep in touch with those who live far away, that I may not see in person. Great communicator!
    Thank you, musicfan for all the pictures!

  2. I do go on FB lots. I really had no idea that CANN had a FB account, so will go and check that out. I have been to Clay's.

  3. i dont have a face book account i have been to clays face book i dint know that cann had a fb account i will have a look see into that

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