Clay Aiken – It’s Friday!!

It is Friday, December 11th – In two weeks, we will be celebrating Christmas!!

Tonight, Clay Aiken will be on TV.  Clay will be participating in The 84th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade. Did you know that it is the largest Christmas celebration in America?  The parade and pre-concert took place on November 29th and there were thousands of people there to watch the event.

The program will air on the CW Network at 8:00 p.m. EST/PST  with Grand Marshals Penn & Teller. It will be fun to see Clay singing on TV again.

Clay and Santa on the Red Carpet!

The website – The Daily Campus at UCONN posted an article about the best and worst of American Idol.

Roundtable- American Idol Memories

Edward Pankowski, Life editor wrote the following:

“American Idol” has always been something of a staple of American television, but I always thought of the whole process as being influenced by producers, though not exactly rigged. That’s why I liked Clay Aiken’s performance several years ago, because it was one of the most unconventional performances I’ve ever seen. 

Everyone goes for the pop songs and the rock and roll when they compete, but Aiken comes out with a choir and starts singing gospel music. The whole audience is swaying and clapping hands with the choir and it felt like I was in a beautiful, musical church. That’s my favorite memory from “American Idol,” and if the new season can capture anything like it then “American Idol” will go out on a high note.

There are only three things they rate as Best and Worst. It is nice to see Clay mentioned as the best!!  You can see the entire article at:   UCONN

Thursday afternoon, Clay tweeted the following:

Proud of my friend and his, The Queens Project | Indiegogo

Ken Arpino and Clay are friends. They worked together in Ogunquit, Maine in the musical Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Ken was a big supporter of Clay’s campaign for Congress. He attended a few fundraising events in New York.  It is always nice to see friends supporting each other on their projects.

Clay and Ken backstage at “Joseph”

Have a great Friday, and enjoy the parade tonight!

 I would love to hear what you think of the parade!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s Friday!!

  1. I totally agree, Season 2 of American Idol was absolutely the best and can not be topped! It was magical! Being introduced to OMC and instantly fell in love with the man and the voice! It's amazing that people still remember the song "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" to this day and declare it the number one finale performance!
    Thank you, musicfan for posting the article and the handsome pictures of Clay!

  2. I will not be home tonight to watch the Christmas Parade. I hope the TV station will rerun it on TV at another time. I hope everyone enjoys the parade.

  3. Have my DVR set up to tape the show. I can't wait! As I said before, I don't ever remember a star being followed so much as Clay. I know I never did until him. I didn't see AI when he was on. I started watching it the season where he came on the season finale with Michael Sandecki. At first I didn't know who Clay was. He looked so different. That was it for me! It's been fun watching him since. Saw him twice in concert; one of which was a Christmas concert and had 3rd row seats. I also had the opportunity of seeing him around the back of the theater, but I was too nervous to go up to him. There were only 2-3 women up there. You won't see that happen anymore!

  4. I'm ready to record Clay's portion of the parade this evening. Can't wait to see & hear Clay singing Christmas music once again.

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