Clay Aiken – It Was A Good Friday!

Yesterday was just a normal Friday…that is until about noon.  That was when the information dropped that Clay Aiken would be on CNN with Brooke Baldwin that afternoon!! Now, who wouldn’t want to see Clay on CNN?

Clay tweeted the following:

Chatting with on in 30 minutes

I am sure glad that Clay was in New York and could get to the studio quickly!!

The segment with Clay was interesting.  Brooke asked good questions about Donald Trump and about Clay’s political campaign.  Clay was articulate and knowledgeable  and didn’t hesitate to speak up.  He was able to say some positive things about Mr. Trump but wasn’t afraid to also find some flaws.  Clay was excellent on the show.  I hope he is asked again to chat about politics.  He adds a lot to the conversations!

As always, there are always lots of tweets after Clay is on TV.  It was nice to read some of these great posts!

“Good interview. Most people are unaware of how insightful & articulate & intelligent Clay is. Well done !!”

Good interview. Clay has strong intuition into candidates strategies and very knowledgeable in the political arena.

 Clay Aiken is actually dropping some astute political analysis on CNN right now

Wonderful interview Brooke, great questions for Clay and well informed responses by him. He knows his politics.

Clay ended the evening with another tweet:

Plenty to say about 2016 and always fun to talk with Check out my chat with her this afternoon..

Yes…if you click on the above link from Clay, you can see his interview with Brooke.

The following are some screencaps from the show on Friday!  A big thank you to DisplacedNCgirl and lindylo for the caps…you always come through!

Did you see Clay on CNN?

One more bit of great news!!!  Facebook was able to remove the fake Clay Aiken site that was set-up on Thursday.  I always wonder why people do crazy, hurtful things on the internet.  A big thank you for Facebook for removing the site so quickly!

Have a wonderful week-end!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It Was A Good Friday!

  1. I missed the broadcast at 3 pm pm, however someone posted it on FB! Clay is so well-informed and articulate about politics. I think even Brooke was impressed and charmed by Mr. Aiken!

  2. I wasn't aware that Clay would be on CNN, but I had a pop up on facebook of the interview. Don't know how/why I received it, but was so happy to watch it. As usual, Clay was quick and knowledgeable with his responses. If I had one suggestion for Clay, is that he has a habit of biting his lip while listening to questions. Stop it.

  3. Clay did a super job on CNN and so intelligent…Mrs. Baldwin seem to enjoy interviewing Clay.

  4. i wrote this poem for clay akien your soul is like a diamond shining bright the depth I can see when darkness comes your soul shines bright so all the world can see you will always be a shining star for all the world to see shine on clay shine on

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