Clay Aiken – Can You Name That Tune?

American Idol……..good….bad……..don’t care??

Whatever you think, we do know that American Idol introduced Clay Aiken to the world. Every year, we are reminded of that by the many articles, polls and arguments that pop up all over the internet.

These reminders made me look in my American Idol picture file. Sometimes it is interesting to go back and remember the weeks of fun. I don’t know how any of the contestants made it through the tension, emotion, and politics each week.  Perhaps it was the love and affection of the fans.

Do you remember?


Top 2

Top 3

Top 4

Top 5

Top 6

Top 7


WOW…its been a long time since I have looked at some of these pictures.  

Season Two was really an exciting time!

Now, what song was Clay singing in each of those pictures???!!!

Did you watch American Idol last night?

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Can You Name That Tune?

  1. The one I remember the most was Grease! That red jacket and those hips moving! Simon was harsh with his comments, while the others were praising Clay!
    Thanks CANN for posting the pictures!

  2. Ok this is fun…I think I can guess fairly well…but not absolutely sure.
    Top 2. Here, There and Everywhere
    Top 3. Mack the Knife
    Top 4. Grease
    Top 5. Solitaire
    Top 6. I Could Not Ask For More
    Top 7. Tell Her About It

    That was fun Musicfan…Thanks!

  3. Considering I've got pretty much EVERY performance OMC did on Idol I can name these pics…

    Finale: Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
    Top 2: Here, There and Everywhere
    Top 3: Mack The Knife
    Top 4: Grease
    Top 5: Solitaire
    Top 6: I Could Not Ask For More
    Top 7: Tell Her About It

    Like I've said, he can sing the phone book & make it sound sex-ay! Thanks for posting, Musicfan!

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