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It seems that Clay Aiken is still having fun on twitter.  On Tuesday, he added two more tweets to his latest list of tweets.

Both the tweets yesterday were about politics.  Of course, some of you will like them and others might not.  That’s what make politics a difficult topic to discuss.

I am just so glad that Clay is tweeting and sharing his thoughts with us.  He is an intelligent man and has a quick wit. Combine the two traits and Clay’s tweets can really make you laugh, think, and just enjoy!

All of Clay’s tweets are on the right side of CANN.  You can read them here or visit his twitter page CLAYSTWITTER

I look forward to more tweets today!!

In February, the  2006 UNICEF Magazine was a best seller.

The issue included a great profile of one of their newest Goodwill Ambassadors, Clay Aiken.  The article included information on Clay’s career and educational background.  But the  center of the article was about all that Clay had done for UNICEF in the short time that he had been a representative for the organization.

The following is a copy of the two page article.  Remember, if you have trouble reading the small print,  just click on the graphic and it will expand to a larger size.

Whenever I read an article like this, it reminds me of one of the reasons I support Clay Aiken.

 Have you read this article before?

 Do you think Clay will ever work with UNICEF again?

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Tweets, Pictures and A Bit of Knowledge

  1. No, I don't think he will travel with Unicef again. It might be because he is gay and some of those countries might not make his visit welcome. Not sure but it's possible. I'm sure he will always be INVOLVED with them however. Loved the tweets. It's hard to talk about politics and religion, so I try not to, lol! Thanks Martha for the articles and pictures!! I loved it!

  2. This is why Clay is The American Idol! In all aspects: his glorious voice, his charitable personality, and his longevity! He is still in the news!
    The pictures are beautiful! The one picture that gets to me, is Clay overlooking the sleeping children of Uganda! Thanks, CANN!

  3. As I understand it, UNICEF ambassadors pay their own way to the countries they are sent to help. That takes a lot of $$ and since Clay doesn't have a steady job right now (at least one we know about), he would have to dip into savings. It also seems that UNICEF prefers folks with current name recognition, in order to increase donations. Remember how often we saw Angelina Jolie in Africa in the past, but not recently. Maybe the celebs. sign on for only a certain amount of time to represent UNICEF.

  4. It is not surprising that Clay is still in the news! When it comes to positive happenings, he is right there with kudos for outstanding events, and when negative news enters the picture, Clay tells it like it is! I love hearing Clay on CNN or other news networks. His reports are always fresh, accurate, honest, and sometimes quite humorous!

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